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Director of Instruction at the TruGolf Academy Jon Watts talks you through how to create the correct coil movement in your backswing. Storing up more energy for increase power in your downswing.

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johnnybull100 says:

Wow that really conceptually helped me how it was explained been missing that feeling, sadly have to work tomorrow and not golf!!

R2d2 says:

Very eloquent teacher. A explanation on how to do this with a club would help. Is this done with oblique muscles or lead side of the body or lead shoulder ?

Alan Goudie says:

Another very clear & helpful video.Easy to follow & understand. Thank you.

Dave Everitt says:

This right side/oblique pull back and up move gets everything started on plane and is very easy to repeat. This is a great no sway move. I do find that following this oblique pull back, with a downward and inward move of the pelvis toward the inside of the trail knee, has helped me, because it gives me the time and ability to maximise my turn. My arms and hands feel like they are just along for the ride because the lower body turn, gives them enough momentum to complete the backswing. I get much better extension with the arms in the backswing and downswing when they are allowed to relax and react to the pivot.

Aart van der Molen says:

No midgets…..Changed your eau de toilette ? 🙂

golfnut says:

Should I focus on rotating my right shoulder first instead of right hip? Left handed

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