Does Your Driver Grip Matter? SHOCKING RESULTS with this training aid!

SQUARE THE CLUBFACE…HOW DO YOU HOLD THE GOLF CLUB? How you are holding the golf club is really effecting where your club face is pointing at impact in relation to your club path a WEAK grip can promote a SLICE ands a strong grip can promote a hook golf shot. this aim of your grip is to allow you to have a good consistent golf swing and face to path relationship.

There are so many golf tips out on youtube that help the golf swing. Golf swing driving distance is really important to improve. This is a golf tip video, Golf swing training and golf training tips can include golf distance training, simple golf swing speed can make a great golf swing which is powerful and a powerful golf swing! Here is the shocking results resting different golf tips, hit different golf grips, hit drives different grips, grip golf club.

So does your drive grip matter? shocking results with this training aid!

Grip really matters, golf grips can vary, this golf grip is really interesting and is a great training aid that has shocking results for both strong grips and weak golf grips.

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25 thoughts on “Does Your Driver Grip Matter? SHOCKING RESULTS with this training aid!

  1. I've got one when this first came out Years ago. They work and given me way more yards on the drives.. Doesn't happen over night but keep practicing, you will see results. Also note if I fall off ( everything go's to sh*t ) I'll swing that a few times on a couple holes to get me back into the groove again. Mind you, they aren't legal to have in a tournament play but it helps. Once you get confidence of striking the ball you'll be amazed what you can do for your handicap. I have nothing to do with this YT er or that Eq. I'm a weekend warrior like the rest of you.

  2. Great video Alex,

    Question: what if your grip is neutral but you bow the wrist at the top of the backswing like DJ and John Rahm.. etc… wouldn't that close the face upon impact ??

    I tried a strong grip but it failed me due to a cupped wrist. When I changed to neutral but bowed the wrist more it made it squared at impact if not 1.0° closed if anything. It also made rotation a lot more better and path neutral from over the top.

    My experience ^^

  3. Used a strong grip to compensate for major slicing. Worked well but reduced distance. Once Alex showed proper drive swing, I was able to move to a neutral grip for longer, and still straight drives! Thank You, mate.

  4. I still feel like the left hand with those types of training aids are still positioned too strong. Almost like a strong left hand with a weak right hand grip….

  5. Wow, a golf training aid that actually seems low cost! I already have just the grip (on an old driver) but I have ordered this version to practice my grip in the house.

  6. I got one at home now but not sure where i put it. Guess, it is time for me to go and try to find it, Alex!??. Thank you for sharing the importance of it.???????

  7. Great video…I bought one of these years ago and have started using it again as I’ve been struggling to get to the range to practice. I have been using it for reps to work on my body turn but the moulded grip is a huge benefit. Early days but have noticed an improvement in my striking & accuracy in recent rounds.

  8. Any advice for someone who’s completely lost their game? Gone from an 8 handicap to knocking it round in the 90s. Keep coming down steep and fatting irons and skying driver. Thankfully short game and putting is still pretty good or I’d be throwing the clubs in the bin!

  9. Nice one Alex. Thank you. I’m not playing today (Sunday), however whilst watching and listening to this video I’m also sitting in my backyard which gives me a chance to watch people tee off from a Par 3. So as a result I’m paying more attention to others grips. Some are “interesting” (it’s a non competition day) and could improve significantly by watching this video. ????

  10. Well… i know some who own this "gaget" … and i actually love it … BUT it doesn't prevent strong or weak grip SINCE most of those come from wrist twists with a perfect grip …. BUT u can sure use this for THAT correction as to keep the lines of that grip facing correctly = straight away from u … but most flaws in a weak or strong grip aren't from the grip itself…. SOME yeah cross it… one hand weak other strong … vise versa ….

  11. @AlexElliottGolf- My thoughts are this. The USGA won’t allow this training aid to be used during play in fear that it would benefit the player. On the other hand, pros can use superior equipment not readily available to amateurs. They also know teaching technics and secret aids that they use themselves which takes years for amateurs to learn. Unlike other sports who all use the same exact ? ? ⚽️ balls. Golf allows different balls and equipment and resources not available to all players. Even the amateurs courses are cow patches compared to professional tracks. But we can’t use supposed enhanced equipment but they can? I call poppycock! I call foul! lol

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