My blood is boiling over this! What the hell! DP World Tour star and LIV Golf start are fuming with St Andrews' decision to host major new golf event! There is a huge debate about this and this video will show you exactly what has happened, why this event is taking place and why the DP world star and PGA tour star are fuming!!

Liv golf tour stars are not holding back anymore and this time the Liv Golf star has blasted St Andrews links trust as well as the DP world star. This is all about a new golf tournament that is taking place in October and will be hosted by NBC sports! This just shows the level of the event!


Find out exactly what has happened in todays breaking news video, golf news and breaking golf news story. This is a trending story and one that so many golfers have been following. Let me know what you think in the comments section of the video

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  1. Are there any golf scholarships in the UK? Are there any golf university programmes?

    Sport at university in the UK is different. It's pretty much an amateur thing, run by the students themselves. In the US it's almost an industry. Part of a step program towards the professional game. We don't have a 'draft' for football, rugby and cricket like the US do for the NFL and NBA.

    But then that's the same at school. When I played rugby for my school 1st team, I was watched by a couple of dozen people at best. In the US they have stadiums for their high school teams.

    If a UK university "golf soc" were invited to this St Andrews event, the team would arrive in a minibus having stopped at every pub on the way up. The team would include one person who had never played before but was along for the craic. Whoever on the team went to bed first the night before the event started would have to play the next day with no trousers on. They'd all drink from a Port bottle before starting and one player would have an air horn in his bag which he'd sound when the opposition were putting. They'd steal a golf buggy, race ahead and take all the flags out, sticking them in the ground 50 yards from the greens. At least two players would throw up in a bunker and one player would pass out after drinking a half bottle of vodka on the way round. No one would show up if there was a second day as they'd all be in the pub – except for one bloke who had got off with a girl and another who had been arrested for dancing naked down St Andrews High Street.

  2. WHAT???? I am from the US but this is a slap in the face to European golf! This should either be a comp between US and Euro collegiate stars OR should ONLY be for Euro colleges. What are they doing? Why do they want to add more hurt to European golf? The disaster of an agreement between PGA and DP World a year or 2 ago was HORRIBLE for Euro golf and now this? I loved watching the former European Tour but it seems they are determined to destroy Euro golf…WTF?

  3. Why the four US teams? Not Ok State (at least 6 alums on PGA tour), Stanford? Texas? Seems like a contrived event to benefit the four teams picked (Georgetown is only D1 in a few sports anyway).

  4. Really? You are a bit naive. It’s not about “growing the game.” It’s about growing the U.S tv audience and making money. NBC doesn’t give a tinker’s damn about the UK collegiate golf audience. Does it even exist? Furthermore, the TV audience in the USA doesn’t know anything about collegiate golf in the UK. It’s about money and the historical fame of St. Andrews. If anything, over time, it will improve the chances of U.S. golfers competing in the Open. This is a win-win situation for U.S. Golf. UK golf; not so much. Money rules the day.

  5. they have enough (better) opportunities in the USA….why are they pandering to them at the cost of ignoring home talents (who need it more)…..IMO out of order…..but probably down to money and sticky fingers….

  6. So much for R&A, Scottish Golf, England Golf, Golf Ireland, Wales Golf having policies of INCLUSION.
    By NOT including British & European Colleges & Universities they are ACTIVELY EXCLUDING them.
    Boooooooooooooooo !!!?

  7. I'm always intrigued by the many statements from the R & A and other bodies about the need to ' grow the game ' Grow the Game for who ? Golf is no longer only available to the wealthy. It's not as if we don't have many courses in the UK or its difficult to get on a course or get membership. Many clubs give juniors cheap or even free memberships. Cheap gear can be purchased on ebay etc also. Instruction is available for free on You Tube. The R & A sold the TV rights for the Open to Sky with the reasoning the extra money will help to ' grow the game ' The R & A are also considering accepting Saudi money to ' grow the game ' If we need to grow the game even more ( which I'm not sure we do ) then lets concentrate on UK golfers !

  8. I’d be interested to know if the universities here were contacted and if so their responses? Surely St Andrews University could have been included even if by proxy given the course is on their campus?

    I live in Nottingham and The University of Nottingham actually have a large golf society. The University is also partnered with other universities across Asia and I see a lot of Asian students at my local range practicing. The range is always full!

    There’s 2 things happening here. Either the Universities weren’t approached in which case that’s a huge shame and something that could have been massive for them and something that might be worth bringing to the attention of Sport England. Or they followed the money from NBC/Topgolf (Callaway).

  9. Bottom line is.. they'll take money from outside (nbc) to host.. but won't spend it to grow the game (or popularity) with in or own university/colleges. Seems a pretty standard way of doing things in the UK. ?

  10. I agree with the sentiment, however the UK universities just don't have sports programs in the same league as the US. They don't bring in the sponsors, money or tv rights like the US colleges. BTW Its these colleges and the NBC are flitting the bill after all….just can't see Exeter fronting £1m for their golf team to be included.

  11. European Golf associations should care as much about their future as the US Associations do. Why step back and note have a united effort for the whole Game of Golf? I dont understand.

  12. Remember when in the 1700’s Brits owned the USA. For a century Brits have been our Euro puppet. Money from US television is why it’s just American universities. We killed your tour, stole all your pros, and tell you when to support wars. I think it’s freaking sad how you get led around by the nose.

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