Official World Golf Ranking modifies system | Golf Today | Golf Channel

Damon Hack and Eamon Lynch discuss the Official World Golf Ranking's new system as well as players' reactions to the change. #GolfChannel #GolfToday #OfficialWorldGolfRanking
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Official World Golf Ranking modifies system | Golf Today | Golf Channel

28 thoughts on “Official World Golf Ranking modifies system | Golf Today | Golf Channel

  1. If the LzIV players are not allowed to play in a major tournament, then that tournament should
    Shave there world raking points severely reduced.

  2. I don't fully understand the new system. But I do believe that the LIV golf league hosts a large number of top golfers and they deserve to have world ranking points. They also should be allowed to play in all majors. Outside the world ranking system is meaningless.

  3. It's NOT a complete World Ranking System if it does not include all tours and that includes LIV GOLF.
    What will these clowns do when LIV becomes bigger than both the PGA and DP TOUR put together, and it will. There are so many new players and champions yet to come into golf and they now have more to choose from.

  4. So what's the point of going to play on any other "tour" in the world if the field will never have the strength of the pgatour any given weekend…. HACK & LYNCH are dumb an dumber they literally make the point of Poulter and Westwood… re-listen tell me im wrong!

  5. Seems like the world ranking points could do with a reset with a switch in systems like this…. otherwise the PGA tour will just squash other tours out of notable ranking points

  6. Wonder what will happen when the Asian tour (and others) offer increasingly large prize pools…. thats the only thing the PGA tour has had over other tours in the past (and why they think they control the market).
    The more diverse strong tours the better I say, as long as there is a large enough audience for them. More pro golfers earning a good living is better than feeding the top 100 more money than they know what to do with.

  7. please explain the UTTER stitch up of the new world ranking points….THE DP TOUR AND THE OTHER TOURS ARE COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT NOW….except the MONOPOLY tour…what a surprise…all CARDS ATE EVEN MORE STACKED FOR THE MONOPOLY TOUR…all the DP TOUR PLAYERS SHOULD GO TO THE LIV TOUR NOW….please watch this what appears unbiased debate….

    It’s got to point we’re ABSOLUTELY THE DP TOUR ARE WATSE OF TIME NOW….IT IS NOW CORRUPT IN FAVOUR OF THE MONOPOLY TOUR…THE DP TOUR SHOULD JUST GET IN BED WITH THE LIV TOUR NOW…DP tour completely stitched up!!! More players from DP tour will look to join the LIV tour going forward after another stitch up by the MONOPOLY tour…

  9. Good luck with that the smaller tournaments will go bye bye because no one will attend except for the big tournaments where the big players will go ?

  10. Now show us the World ranking points for the 3m tournament and the John Deer classic. The difference is that every single LIV tournament will have the best LIV players competing. When Cam Smith joins, I want yall to update your list and try again.

  11. So now we have a world ranking system and a system that ranks PGA players, #1 on the PGA list, world rankings shouldn't have anything to do with PGA

  12. I'm a LIV player,, got my $50 mill to play 3yrs,, after 3 yrs the money runs out, LIV shuts up shop for what ever reason,, I still have $50m to count over the next 3 yrs. ,, what so bad about that

  13. No one understands or cares about how the OWGR points system even works. This was yet another swing and a miss. Award one point to the top 10 finishers in every PGA, DP World and LIV tournament event, and end the confusion right there, with maybe one extra point awarded to the winner who finishes first.
    That's it, with no more confusion and no need for calculators.
    No one finishing outside the top 10 of a tournament should be getting points anyway.


  14. Woke left!
    PGA will become boring, easy pin placements, stupid low scores!

    Fans want drama, tough conditions, just like we play in!

    Miss the fairways, you should be losing a shot to recover.

  15. If Tiger Woods would’ve played on the DP tour at the height of his powers in the 2000’s he would not of been ranked in the top 50 in the world. And nobody can seem to figure out why the Europeans seemed to win more Ryder Cups in the last two decades. Maybe it’s because their players are artificially assigned a lower world ranking.

  16. OWGR is discredited. Branden Grace beat Hall of Famers, 12 major winners and 22 players in the top 100 OWGR and got ZERO POINTS as in zero points at the LIV event.

    OWGR is discredited until the elite players at LIV are able to win points. If OWGR doesn't come around they will the WGR and another entity will need to take over.

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