Drills to FIRE your Golf Swing Sequence FAST and Consistently

Golf is a full body kinetic sequence starting from the ground up – just like many other sports. In this case boxing ??

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Marcus Bell is a registered exercise professional and sports bio-mechanist but any exercises recommended or suggested in this video are performed purely at the individual's own risk.

23 thoughts on “Drills to FIRE your Golf Swing Sequence FAST and Consistently

  1. A good uppercut should be like lifting a bucket of water, without spilling any. It means you don't take a 'backswing'. But learning to uppercut like this gives you the grounding feeling better than anything else. Add the 'backswing' to make it a golf swing.

  2. I think you could of been a contender Marcus ?… another great visual to simplify your intellect and get us all placing the emphasis away from the upper body….Thanks..!

  3. Just watching your stuff for about a month but I love this. Just wondering if I should work on one part a practice session or basically like you did here and just keep repeating these feelings

  4. Another fantastic video. I like what you said about not having an emotional tie to the strike. Learn from the ball flight and feel. make small changes and experiment with them to see what happens. Everyone is different so your speed will be faster or slower than someone else's, but the important thing is to find your tempo. The sequence is the same, it's just the timing and speed of it that's different. Discover this and you have an excellent golf swing. At least, this is what I got from this video. Cheers.

  5. Brilliant stuff as always. I personally have focused on the drop and pop and just that alone has done wonders for my game. Can’t imagine applying everything ???

  6. Best lesson and visualization for my issues ever! The sound and editing the worst ever. Hardcore fan or would have clicked off and missed great info.
    Remake it in the studio, please!

  7. should we now use boxing gloves when playing golf? Or is it ok to just use a golf glove on one hand – like Michael Jackson? Asking for a friend ?

  8. Great vid guys! Loving the boxing references to how you use the legs to create the power! Would love to have the tracer on some of those shots from Marcus! ? some serious club head speed!

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