Golf Instruction – The Mechanics For The Full Swing

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18 thoughts on “Golf Instruction – The Mechanics For The Full Swing

  1. I watched and downiaded this video recently and put it in practice yesterday. I hit 5 balls from my piece of artificial turf into the field alongside my home. I havent hit a ball in almost 3 years prior to this. In over 20 years of golf I have never struck the ball so sweetly and hit the ball so far. It was unbelievable. What a feeling. I am starting to play again next week. Thank you.

  2. Jim, important to tell the folks that you are gripping the club AFTER you take your pivoting position-but is your club face pointing at the target then?

  3. this is probabbly the best golf video on the internet. I lost my iron draw, probably because they make the driver and 3 wood with draw bias, so you can basically swing them over the top to hit a draw. But this is something i use to do when i learned to hit draws my second year playing. looks like i need to go back to this, thanks for reminding me, its a video everyone needs to watch.

  4. Watched this during quarantine. No club, just imagining it. Then went to the range. 3 days into it. Feels like I've been given Col. Sanders secret recipe and the Coca-Cola formula for free!

  5. I’m in awe. Just hit the range testing these new mechanics for the first time. My consistency went up almost 20% and I added about 15 yards to my clubs. The best part is it took away all of the hesitation and sometimes pain I have associated with my bad knees. Simply incredible, and so easy to adopt.

  6. Holy crap just tried this at the range and it made a huge difference to my swing. Only tested it out using my 7i and 9i (was quite a bit harder to hit consistently with the 7i – I was chunking or hitting the ball skinny) but overall really cool technique with interesting results. Will keep trying this. Thanks, Jim!

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