Driver Power [Smash Factor: Swing Plane] | Golf with Aimee

Let’s talk about how we can create power. We will talk about how we can improve your smash factor, which means more power! By using a two-step drill!

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19 thoughts on “Driver Power [Smash Factor: Swing Plane] | Golf with Aimee

  1. Great instruction by a charming and talented lady!
    (I just don't understand the reasoning of the 10 sorry people who gave the "thumbs down".
    I'm sure if someone was to post the secret of the universe on YouTube there would be the usual handful of misanthropes who wouldn't like it!)

  2. Im just swing 3/4….in my swing with driver…is my full swing…

    When I was doing full swing. I was over swinging….

    So I just think…3/4… my swing with driver…which
    Is just less of full swing…

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