Driver Power [Smash Factor: Swing Plane] | Golf with Aimee

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Let’s talk about how we can create power. We will talk about how we can improve your smash factor, which means more power! By using a two-step drill!

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Erik Janssen says:

Thanks Aimee. head still with a litle product on your cap. I diddend now that. tanks from the Netherlands

Jeremy Maarman says:

You sure swing with your core. If the swing is done with anything other then the core then most of what you are sharing doesn’t work.

Ruamlarp Anantasanta says:

Thank you! You are the best!

Rachel Sanders says:

Love your videos!! There are not very many videos on YouTube by female golfers. Thank you so much for the instruction!

Ivan Johnson says:

Great instruction by a charming and talented lady!
(I just don't understand the reasoning of the 10 sorry people who gave the "thumbs down".
I'm sure if someone was to post the secret of the universe on YouTube there would be the usual handful of misanthropes who wouldn't like it!)

David Taylor says:

Great instruction from a beautiful lady !

norrie hunter says:

great lesson

Martin Large says:

The set head looks really good. Does it make much difference to use if one eye is more dominant?

Rahul naidu says:

I like u are gofl lesson

Lisa Costigan says:

I gotta get me some noodles😂😂😂😂😂

Matt T says:

Great advice Amy. Thank you

Salvador Sarmiento says:

Aimee eres la mejor

Michael Connelly says:

Thank you . Great instruction again!🥳👏

Linda Brussaard says:

Good drill! unfortunately the golf courses are closed here. :-/ Need to practicing at home now. 🙂

FLYBOY123456789 says:

Now those are great tips…thank you A. Awesome.

bobber says:

Aimee, the very best.

mark kokojenko says:

Im just swing 3/4….in my swing with driver…is my full swing…

When I was doing full swing. I was over swinging….

So I just think…3/4… my swing with driver…which
Is just less of full swing…

navykip says:

Thanks Aimee. Thanks for explaining smash factor.

Buddha Belly says:

No Poké today… 😔

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