Driver Session With Dustin Johnson & Rory McIlroy | TaylorMade Golf

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Sit back and watch as two of the best drivers of the golf ball, Dustin Johnson and Rory McIlroy, talk about what makes them so successful off the tee while swinging the all-new SIM2 driver from TaylorMade Golf.


Jaymes Cole says:

Man how many times did DJ have to say right edge of the bunker?

Casey Foote says:

I could watch Rory swing the driver all day long. Greatest all around driver of the golf ball in my lifetime.

Alvy_Theone says:

Has no idea how to explain his craft

Michael Jacksin says:

its crazy how one of the best golfers in the world is a "I slice it so I aim left" guy

Ramon Burgos says:

Taylormade by far making the best YouTube content. Are the others even trying to catch up? I only have one taylormade club in my bag, but these videos make me want to get more lol

Ben Borys says:

sorry but this guys an idiot. WHATS YOUR TEE HEIGHT

Ben Borys says:

is this guy stoned? DJ says right side bunker right side bunker right side bunker and he says ….. "left bunker?"

Randall Harris says:

Total waste of time. You can’t see the shot or even the target. No shot tracer… there’s no point in even doing this video

anthony LaPorte says:

LOL! watched 12 min of video and started thinking the host is interruptive and long winded. Then i began to read the comments and began to laugh. Would have been nice to see these guys hit several tee balls with shot tracer. Maybe better timed verbals from the host.

Brett Bourg says:

These taylormade reps are too much man. Askin ridiculous questions that they proly have in there contracts that they have to do. Great video but they force way too much

Ray Trebor says:

I'd rather hear Rory talk about DJ than hear DJ talk about DJ.

Born upon a wave says:

Dam that guys gotta mouth 😴

Noah Gyscek says:

Dude doesnt realize that the amount of practice/ experience and second nature/muscle memory allows them to not even think about it

ShortGameAnalysis says:

Amazing Content, you guys are the first golf brand to actually get the most out of your sponsored players

Noah Ponte says:

This Team Taylormade content is just too good.

Jamoke12 says:

Taylormade be like We own you bastards.

County Secession says:

Great camera work. We have no idea where any of the drives ended up.

AirstripBum says:

Ask Moe Norman the same question. "Why I just hit the ball. Goes straight where I want it to go, every time. Sure! Uh huh. Certainly! Sure." Whack! "See? Straight as an arrow. Every time… every time. Sure! If I want to find my ball, I just walk up the middle and there it is. If we played at midnight, I'd be the only man under par."

He'd be correct too. LOL

Brock Van Wagoner says:

I love rory's swing.

Banker. says:

Holy shit this dudes annoying. 12 minutes and they hit two balls

B R says:

I'd like to know the difference between my 80 and 85/86 percent swing. I suppose the monitors are the trick there.

Redsocksphan says:

You couldn’t say it better Trotti! Absolute pleasure watching this content guys!

Devon Harvey says:

This was awesome! Love Taylormade for these 😀

D M says:

DJ is the definition of confidence and Rory is the definition of class

Jake Davidson says:

3:18 that’s what she said

O. G. says:

Dont be fooled….Butch says DJ is waaaay more verbal than he lets on in these things….
He's just aloof.

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