Huge news regarding new Ping drivers!

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16 thoughts on “Huge news regarding new Ping drivers!

  1. I currently jus got the 425 I like it so far it’s very forgiving but I haven’t quite got the distance down I dnt think it’s very long at all it often comes up shorter than other drivers in my opinion but the forgiveness for me is everything I could care less how long it is if I’m straight and in the fairway I’m happy

  2. Well….Ping is such a badass company and their driver is so damm good, they don’t need to frequently come out with diff gimmicks the “other guys” come out with so much.

  3. I picked up a Ping G425 Max early last year and I’m playing the best golf in my life (at 70 years old)! It is a fairway finder. I like that Ping doesn’t change models every year. I hate that companies like TM and Callaway change their products so often. Titleist is Lind of like Ping in their product life cycles. I respect that. I’ll gladly wait until 2023 to update my driver.

  4. I was fitted into a G425 SFT and I Love it, it has transformed my driving in distance and (more importantly) dispersion. Interestingly it was a driver I didn’t want to try (turbulators, sound) BUT it works.

  5. My driver was purchased in about 2004 to replace my old small head TM Burner Plus from the mid 1980s. Based on that timeline I'm nearly ready for a new driver 🙂

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