Driver Showdown | Taylormade Stealth vs. Cobra LDTx LS vs. Titleist TSi3

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Are you looking at drivers? Check out this head-to-head match up for drivers. Once selected, I’ll look at the options for shafts and how they perform. Getting professionally fitted is a fantastic decision.

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David Douglas says:

That's a poor fitter , honestly he is just saying yes to what you want. Your hitting ad iz S tiff there also not X . Your ball speeds are equivalent to a 105 swing speed .stick with the ad xc or IZ stiff no extra weight perhaps just out weight in the heel

Industrial Pallet Worx says:

I play the TSi3 also. I have the white evenflow shaft in stiff. I hadn't tried the 2 weights. That's something to give a look. I have my loft turned down and open. The idea is to have it setup for a massive fade while having a hook swing to counter it. It does work most of the time. Hogan's driver was like 3 or 4 degrees flat and like 3 or 4 open plus a weak grip. Swinging hard from inside was the hook motion into impact but he had a fade release. Also referred to as hook in fade out.

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