► This is the big one – TaylorMade Stealth Plus versus the brand new Titleist TSR3, titanium versus carbon fibre, Rory McIlroy’s driver up against Justin Thomas’ driver. However you want to frame it, this is one of the most eagerly anticipated comparison tests of recent times and these two drivers will be among the top two contenders for the rest of the year among golfers looking to splash out on a new premium driver. But does one outperform the other? In this video, Joel Tadman hit custom fitted set ups for both indoors on a premium launch monitor and then on the golf course at Peterborough Milton golf club to find out exactly that. So get comfortable, strap yourself in and enjoy!

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  1. The TSI3 I had sounded different just with shafts. With stiff tensei blue it was metallic ping sound.
    With Tensei white X muted pop and more powerful feeling.

  2. Taylormade fan but switching for the tsr3 right here ? the dispersion for me is so tight and just as long as the stealth.
    But i prefer the feel of the titleist!

  3. SHAFT,, SHAFT,, SHAFT! You should always do your tests with the same shaft! That Graphite Design is a $365 shaft & that Rogue is $150 shaft

  4. Great video. I just bought a TSR3 at my Country Club Demo Day…can hardly wait until it arrives. I hit the thing a TON compared to my Taylormade Rocketballz.

  5. Just shot my personal best with TSr3 so I can attest to the consistency. And it's long. Well done, Titleist. Looking forward to all the fun golf in the two years until the TSz3 is released. ?

  6. I love the TSR3 but hate the standard grip it comes with. Does anyone know how to buy the Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid 360 (specifically the 360)? Lamkin has the 360 on their website and I have it on another driver and love the grip. I can find all kinds of retailers where I can buy the branded down the grip version, but not the 360. I'm almost ready to give in and order the branded version, but thought I would try reaching out here first and see if anyone knows where I can order the 360. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the great vid! My golf partner just got the TSR2. It goes deep…I have a SIM 2 9 degree. Think I'll keep this for a while. It also goes deep:)

  8. I own the Stealth Plus and the TSR2. Dispersion with the TSR2 and a correctly fitted shaft outside with Trackman indicated it is about 5 to 10 yards longer than the Stealth Plus. The six shots hit with the TSR all fell within a 6 yard diameter circle. The Stealth Plus shots were in a oblong about 20 yards wide. And I was fitted for the Stealth Plus this past February when I bought it.

  9. The taylormade was longer but you could argue the Titleist was a more functional flight at 2300 vs 2000 rpm. Wish this got mentioned more often because for most people 2000 spin is really dangerous because the toe becomes 1500-1700 which is just uncontrollable

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