Driver to the head swing: (golf swing tips)

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Tinmar Tinnage says:

I’m definitely gonna practice this at home. That’s exactly what I do (high shoulder). You’re a legend 🙏🙏

easy swing says:

I'll have to try this I suck at a down swing

paul trotter says:

How long is your shaft mark😂

Ja Autre says:

I can’t take you seriously with that loud shaft.

Qwinn says:

My next lesson will probably be for the driver. It’s most hooks but with the occasional slice. Just enough to make you go crazy.

Andy’s says:

Yep, this one is a really good drill.

Hak says:

Thats one ugly club

Trouty 5000 says:

That’s a great drill. Love it

Mark says:

I will give this a go. You've seriously helped my game, Mark. Thank you 👍🏻

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