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Easiest way to swing a golf club day 4 golf school


Veeeeee24 says:

What in the bad advice is this?!?

fastmart says:

This wrist stuff is BS. It's all in the hips, Happy! RIP Chubbs.

Derek Gzaskow says:

just like DJ Trahan's swing, I like it!

F Mattei says:

Blind people were taught to play with this technique. I use it when my game starts going crazy.

Smiththebat says:

Also straight up how a lot of great golfers hit pitches and chips so it will transfer seamlessly to short game!

CJ says:

If you weren't going to do something today, DON'T DO THIS.

Brian Christopher says:

seems great at the top. Only how do you keep from releasing everything at the bottom, instead of through the ball, facing the target?!! I flip it or hit AT the bottom, and all the energy stops at bottom of my swing, regardless! How to fix that??? Can't hit baseball on tee either. Very very frustrating, seeing that I used to hit it great many years ago. Any suggested videos appreciated. Frustrated golfer…

Patrick Lawler says:

This is really all it takes. Once you figure this move out, you just make adjustments from there. Some guys on youtube make it so complicated. This guy will change alot of peoples life. This is how simple it needs to be.

Jordan Thomas says:

Looks so muck Better in swing

JW Steeves says:

Bullshit..To each there own..😂

thoughtsoflust says:

Been golfing for only 4 months. This is what I needed! Thank you!

Andrew Cusenza says:

More moving parts in the swing are more ways the club face or club head will be out of line this can cause some really bad habits

YankeesSlugger says:

I’m dropping a follow mf i hit in the net for 10 minuets go out on the range and I’m hitting dimes dead fucking straight

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