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Simple golf swing tip golf lesson golf drill to help perfect your golf swing takeaway backswing.

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Dale Wilson says:

I'll work on my sort of takeaway.

Jacobus Coetzee says:

Will u do the same with the driver ?

Clay Earth says:

Truth..and great tip. I used a club head cover in a west/east position a couple feet directly behind the ball as my body front and back is north and south. Keep taking backswing practice that brushes the head cover till you get the feel.
This technique Michael shows is even better!

Richard Jacobs says:

I’ve been coming more around my body creating an arch, instead of picking the club up, striking my irons much better.

Stephen DiBari says:

This is the best tip for this issue. David Leadbetter has a new aid coming out to help keeping your wrist angle on plane that you clip to the shaft. Using an alignment stick is cheaper and easier to use !!

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