Effortless Swingspeed… Golf with Marcus Edblad

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Understanding the work of one fast hand and one slow hand will give you effortless speed…

Let me help you get a effortless golfswing with speed and accuracy. A good release will help you to a better impact and longer drives and irons without slice and hook.


Ken Hall says:

I’ve been experimenting with this and when I get it right it adds so much distance, now for the consistency, thanks Marcus

Chris Stevens says:

Very informative video. Your comment about just stand there and swing with a fast hand and a slow hand could be a good drill for people learning this concept. I have been doing this to learn the timing and it is a draw every time. Thanks again

Safwans says:

I break under 90 today after 2 weeks been learning your swing method, still need to improve my impact to hit longer, I believe couple month later I will reach it. what makes me happy now I can hit stright to the target even though sometimes not reach the distance that i want. again, thank you very much

Garry Major says:

Or is more like a hockey slap shot

pulldpin says:

I notice you don't keep your lead arm straight…

Thomas Holdt Christensen says:

Tak Marcus!! Forsøgte dette på rangen i dag.. og halleluja.. No more slice..
Har altid sliced bolden.. og først nu forstår jeg hvorfor. Tak for den fine forklaring.. ærgerligt du ikke har flere følgere..
Som andre også skriver så har haft den opfattelse at jeg skulle trække lead hand igennem og realese først kom senere.. stor fejl, da det gav mig et åbent og svagt køllehoved i træffet..
Havde nogle mis venstre og enkelte højre, men jeg føler et meget bedre træf og langt mere længde når jeg timer det rigtigt. Skal bare lige trænes lidt..
Igen tak hjælpen.

12496 says:

2:13 ish is a great example of basic motion and 2:43 ish is another non ball drill! Ty!

dar d says:

Hi Marcus love your insights. Q Im struggling with 5w using a right hand swing.ie topping the ball…mybirins are good. Im not hitting down as steep as the irons due to shallower anglenook of approach. i play the ball slight forward in my stance …also tried ball back but seems too steep . Any ideas are welcone.Thanks!

John Starkey says:

Marcus am I right in thinking that with this move it feels so much like an uppercut as in a boxing move

Caemen Studios says:

These golf swing secrets and techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) go over the golf swing in fantastic detail. I`ve read through 1/2 of this book and also the concepts are excellent. I`ve scored 3 straight low 80s rounds after reading through this book..

David Altman says:

You make the most sense of anyone. I could go on and on about instructions I've had. Yours works because it's about the hands , not the hips or knees or shoulders .

Snow leopard says:

So true👍

Erland Vilhelmson says:

So good you are! You have finally straightened all my question marks I´ve struggled with for 41 years of golfing! I've always heard that I should hold the club so loose as if I'm holding a baby bird. I've always heard that i should get power and speed from rotating my shoulders and hips and pulling the lead arm and being passiv with my trail arm. I've never understood why I'm supposed to be playing a backhand with my non dominant arm instead of a forehand with my dominant hand. Now I play a forehand golfswing thanks to you and now when I'm 60 years old I play the best golf ever. Thank you for opening my golf eyes! You're simply the best golf instructor!

B2B Bogey says:

Gottcha! Guy in the background is picking up balls without paying!

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