Every F1 driver from 2010-2019 ranked from worst to best

Who were the best, the worst and the in-between performers among Formula 1 drivers of the 2010s? Well, you’re about to find out thanks to our ranking of every – single – driver who raced in F1 from 2010-2019.
This is not a simple ranking of the best to worst based on The Race’s evaluation of their ability, as that would produce a very different order. Instead, it also takes into account their success, longevity, consistency, adaptability, their involvement in epic F1 moments of the decade and countless other factors.
It’s also important to note that this ranking considers each driver's achievements exclusively in the 198 F1 races held from 2010 to 2019. Achievements before 2010 or after 2019 – no matter how illustrious – are excluded.
A total of 66 drivers raced in F1 during this period, so here’s our ranking in reverse order.

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01:15 65-61
02:52 60-51
05:17 50-41
07:54 40-31
10:36 30-21
13:27 20-11
16:34 10-1

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20 thoughts on “Every F1 driver from 2010-2019 ranked from worst to best

  1. Pastor Maldonado was one of the grey driver who just needed to be coached. I watched 2010 -13 to look back at my childhood and man Pastor was so quick in street tracks he literally out qualified everyone except Lewis in P2. P2 in the Williams which was just so probably 7th best at the time. He lost the win for crashing in Lewis which was yes his fault but that's the thing he was like Max never accepted to be second. He just needed to be told that podium is enough especially in that Williams

  2. HAHAHAHA button webber and ricciardo should be behind verstappen…..
    verstappen had more wins in less races and less experience.
    the only reason ill allow alonso rosberg and vettel in front of verstappen is because they actually won races.
    but if you make this list again and make it 2016-2022 verstappen is #1
    simply because between 2016 and 2022 RB has only been the fastest car in 2022.

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