Ranking EVERY F1 Driver of the 1990s!

10 seasons, 106 drivers. Who's gonna come out on top?

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0:00 Introduction
1:56 Non-starters
9:13 96-91
15:14 90-81
21:28 80-71
30:46 70-61
39:55 60-51
52:33 50-41
1:04:27 40-31
1:22:13 30-21
1:36:28 20-11
1:59:22 10-1

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24 thoughts on “Ranking EVERY F1 Driver of the 1990s!

  1. Schumacher dragged that 95 Benetton to the title idk how he won the championship in that car him and senna will always be my guys even in 96 and 97 Schumacher was dragging those cars to places it didn’t deserve

  2. Jan Lammers would have signed for Ferrari. But broke his Thumb a day before. He tole this story many times. I guess he still regrets not driving for Ferrari ????

  3. Its hard to take someone seriously when they start off with "the loudmouthed" Eddie Irvine? Its so easy to be a twat online, id quote Mike Tyson but you'll probably write him off as a 'loudmouthed rapist''?

  4. This was peak F1 for me in the 80's & 90's. The sound, the scandals.. since the V6 turbo engines were mandated, I lost interest in F1 completely. ????

  5. Great work. Respectfully, Alesi is just way too high, but he has to be one of the most overrated drivers of all time. Had championship challenging machinery in 1995, 1996 and 1997 and could only get one win which was handed to him by Schumacher’s unreliability.

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