Every Hole at Tara Iti Golf Club in Mangawhai, New Zealand | Golf Digest

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Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winner and Golf Digest Contributing Editor Thomas L. Friedman narrates this flyover tour and overview of the Tara Iti golf course in Mangawhai, New Zealand.

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Every Hole at Tara Iti Golf Club in Mangawhai, New Zealand | Golf Digest


Matthew Clark says:

Tara Iti course now available to play on 2k21!!

Rockin Rollin n Trollin says:

As an ex GREENSKEEPER..I am somewhat surprized at the amount of obivious BROWN patched motley FAIRWAYS,…considering the sustantial " Greenfee ,etc financial cost " ?.

redsharpiemarker says:

cant tell the difference btwn the fairway, green and teebox

David Jones says:

This one is very high on my bucket list! Just awesome, great job Mr. Doak!!

Ferrari Fred says:

Whats annoys me though is that even though NZ uses the metric system, you people STILL only list the length in yards… Just WHY? Not difficult to add both meters and yards.

Phillip says:

It's really difficult to hear the speaker over the music, I appreciate the video though. Course looks amazing.

celticknife says:

I've played Tara Iti. Wouldn't make my top 5 in NZ, let alone top 10 in the world.

Patrick Slamin says:

think i speak for most when i say how appreciated these videos are, so keep it up golf digest! Would love one of county down or cypress point

Patrick Slamin says:

looks fabulous but world top 10 seems a bit premature for a course that opened 3 years ago with no history to speak of. Doesnt seem as impressive as many of the great scottish or irish links well outside the top 10

Seth Mishler says:

Drone footage by Chris Solomon?

Charles Beniere says:

Unfortunately almost impossible to play there.

Spencer Fitch says:

such a gorgeous course. Even more reason to go New Zealand!

ig rand says:

How much to play ?

Adam O'Loughlin says:

This course is up there with Pokhara

James Hodson says:

"Largest green on the course" I'd still miss it haha

Connor Wilde says:

Never clicked on a video so fast

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