Erik Anders Lang preps for the New Zealand Open | NZ Ep 1

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Erik Anders Lang heads to New Zealand for the 100th New Zealand Open in Queenstown. Before the big tournament, EAL checks out The Hills Golf Club and meets his parter – professional golfer Luke Toomey. Erik and Luke hit it off chatting about strategy for the tournament, the layout of The Hills Golf Club, and their mutual admiration of each others hairstyle. The next day Erik plays in the par-3 contest with owner of The Hills Golf Club, Sir Michael Hill. Rainy weather won't stop the Ace Hunt for Erik and the guys. We've got a good feeling about this trip! 😉

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Billy F says:

“You know smithy!?” Is the most kiwi thing ever. We all know each other some how

TheSigler88 says:

So his definition of reasonable means $1000 dollars a round.

Tyler Johnson says:

Please make the bond layer clubhouse book!

Anthony Nally says:

As he says "If this doesn't look like the bond villain lair, what clubhouse does?"

In my head I say "uhh Streamsong Black probably" right as he says Streamsong Black lmaoo

Rockin Rollin n Trollin says:

TOO MUCH OF YOU !! ..thumbs down BIGTIME !

Jonny Thunder says:

One of my favorite parts of the world.

JP Cogdill says:

YouTube's Ambassador of Golf, EAL! Great video, we're pulling for a "W"…

Stevehovy 2 says:

Typical stiff who gets everything for nothing a real taker and not a giver probably thinks tipping is a place in China

Stevehovy 2 says:

Too cheap to hire a caddy?

Rory Stead says:

Next project should be to make that book!

SadPeanut says:

yay new zealand

Tom G. says:

The music for this segment is excellent! Who is it and where can I get it?

selwynryan says:

Such an awesome series, come back to NZ again for part 2!

Oliver Lewis says:

Where can i find the music track lists from this and other EAL vids? The music is great. So are the videos!

Michael Power says:

Hi audience. I've just meet this channel and it's host. Can someone tell me how Erik got the invite from the host? What His background is? Is He a former pro? Like what is going on here?
Great channel,I have been watching backwards from Paraparaumu. Really enjoying it. Cheers Eric.

Gustavo says:

Brazilian greetings! This is incredible!

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