16 thoughts on “FINALLY A HUGE Golf Company Makes AFFORDABLE Golf Clubs – Are They ANY GOOD!?

  1. I got fitted yesterday for a set of New golf irons. As it turns out, I got the Dynapower irons from Wilson. Today I turn on your channel and you are reviewing them. Great review! Your channel is the best!

  2. ALL golf manufacturers could make them affordable. It’s brand name recognition and nothing more. Most golfers HAVE to have the newest and most expensive. Most times it DOES NOT improve their game. I play a 650.00$ set of irons by Golf Works (Maltby) and I play just FINE. And they have upgraded grips and shafts.

  3. Most places actually selling these for £579 5-GW or 5-SW now on sale. Great value, and I'd go for them myself if i hadnt bought a set of Mavriks in November ????

  4. Years ago I was gifted my first set of golf clubs from my brother while on holiday in the states. It was a Wilson prostaff set and it's been great, however when I returned to the UK I realised that it contained 2 8 irons and no 7 iron. I contacted Wilson and they refused to correct the issue, saying my only option was to return the entire set to their address in the states, rather than their UK address. This which would have cost more than buying a new set.

    It would have been so simple for Wilson to just ship me the missing club and correct their mistakes, but they couldn't care less, which makes me not want to buy from them again.

  5. Would love a vs video on these against more common (more expensive ) brand game improvement clubs ….ie: taylormade Qi irons etc… mainly because , ive been playing taylormade rac os for awhile (unfitted ) for awhile now and considering biting the bullet for a fitted set of game improvement clubs to finish my life with ….and , im poor lol , so if i can get similar results for a $300 less i can maybe e afford new driver /woods/ hybrid etc…????????

  6. The only problem with Wilson clubs is availability, it's very hard to find stockists and get fitted for them,shame as they are really good clubs.

  7. As I high handicapper I bought these irons and the Dynapower Titanium driver and my game has improved greatly thanks to these clubs. Highly underrated clubs at a great price compared to the competition

  8. You should review the callaway strata 16pc set. $600 usd putter, sw-6 5h-4h 3w driver stand bag and head covers for hybrids woods and driver.

  9. Would like to see you review some Tommy Armour 845 clubs from Dick’s Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy. Seem cut from the same mold for half the price.

  10. Wilson had the speed pocket almost 2 decades before TaylorMade did. Wilson Staff has been way ahead of the game for many many years. Wouldn’t surprise me if TM came out with fat shaft irons since the new generation of golfers knows nothing about the old ones. Because they say TM on them they will be amazing and “so innovative”. ????

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