How often should you change your golf clubs with Mark Crossfield golf professional. Just how often should your change your golf clubs and when should you be buying new golf clubs. If you want to change your driver or your irons your wedges or your golf putter maybe this golf video could help. How do you improve your golf clubs and can you buy a better driver for your golf game or is it simple up to you to improve your golf swing. Mark Crossfield and James Robinson talk about improving your driver or buying new golf irons and just how you can improve your golf clubs.

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  1. Used set of Tommy Armour 845s irons. Haven't settled on a driver yet, have my old Ping Eye 2 driver and a Taylormade R580 for now. Haven't played for 15 years. Last clubs I bought were Pings back in the early 80's I think it was. Also learning the Single Plane Swing since I have a chance to redo my swing now that there is so much available information about swing mechanics and all that.

  2. I changed my clubs recently, iron set & driver. Why you ask? Well, my first set was random loose cheap clubs at a thrift store, the worst grips, unrecognizable brands, ‘unforgiving’ (somehow grew fond of them). Steel shafts. Brands were Palmer & Lynx. Driver was a 300-something cc titanium R flex shaft Legsus SL 10.5. New iron set is titleist cb and driver is titleist 909 d2. Had them recommended to me by a coach for my budget , an upgrade. Definitely makes a world of a difference (placebo or likely skill) but I definitely feel more excited to use.

  3. My irons are from 2006 or so. Well taken care of. I noticed almost zero difference testing them against brand new irons. No point for me to upgrade right now.

  4. I change my irons and wedge's about every 5 years or so! I keep them clean and my main golf course has great turf, so I don't beat them up ! But I have a couple of 20 yr old clubs that still play really well! Cheer's

  5. I think it's more important to change the grips twice a year and have the lofts adjusted to spec at that time. My irons are forged MB's so I would say replace them maybe every 5-10 years. After 5 years the shafts might lose some of their zip. I just upgraded from Taylormade M3 woods to SIM(v1) because of the revised price tag plus the M3 trade-in value. I like pre-owned for the savings($$$) and I use (who are basically now.)

  6. i bought a set of graphite Gary Player Grand Prix in 1996, I still play with them. I've changed my driver, and 3, 5 woods over the years. The latest is the Calloway xr speed. I have played them the last couple of years. The irons have never been changed. I'm a 20 handicap, do i need to go with a new set of irons? Do I stay with graphite or go steel shaft?

  7. Question for you! I have been building a bag over the past few years but dont have the funds to pay for a new driver or to pay c£800 for fitted irons. My Wilson C200's were £200. I have been buying used or new but in sale. I have been sensible and used good guesswork to buy them so they, with my limited knowledge, should be fairly close. Question is, if you fit me for just a driver and irons, no wedges or hybrids and i play with just a driver, irons and a putter would i score better than a full non fitted set!!!????? I have been playing for a few years playing every few weeks and according to Garmin am better in every area than people of the same HC.

  8. Got my first set of iron in about 1998 Howson FireBlades. replaced then a few years ago cause i was playing again, and more. Got cheap Wilson Staff C200's which are fine and miles bettwe than the Howsons. Unless i get rich quick i'll probably have these for another 10 years.

  9. I purchased a beginner set and let it go just after 1 month of practice. it was a mizuno zephyr set. then i started to build my golf clubs, starting from sm4 54degree, r11s driver, taylormade cb tour preferred irons set, r11s 5 wood, and lastly mizuno mpt4 60degree. the only thing thats changed since then is the driver, bought a Titleist 913 d3 and titleist 21degree hybrid, to substitute for r11s driver and r11s wood 5. it was in 2014. everything is still okay until now so no need to change clubs.

  10. It's a poor workman who blames his tools.
    A workman is only as good as his tools.
    Which to believe? The tools must "fit" you and you must like them. Little else matters, certainly NOT the manufacturer's name because all golf club heads other than Japanese are made in China.

  11. I have Ping anser irons 2010… How much if any have irons improved since then?
    Propaganda of companies improvements every single year after year.. Seriously?
    Thoughts.. In 10 years has there been actual data improvements. Significantly? ( iam plus 2)

  12. My driver is from 2007. Clevland hi bore xl. I hit it fairly long. But could i benefit by getting better accuracy from a newer model. Maybe 3-4 years old?

  13. I"m currently looking at changing my irons as i've started playing a lot more recently and have changed my driver, fairway woods, wedges and putter. My set was a Maxfli Black Max set

  14. It's interesting, I have an R11 and this year bought a Cobra F9, totally didn't get on with it and like many people went back to my R11 and proceeded to start to mash it again. I know that I'm missing out on some gains by using the R11 but whether its confidence or whatever, I just hit the R11 so much better than I did the new club.

  15. Do they do 3D analysis of gap testing. Seems like a niche software market but I’ve never seen an analysis of simply distance to the whole based on club. i.e. left/right don’t matter per se but just a pure distance to the hole based on where the ball lands in dry testing.

  16. I bought a set of 845s in 1994. Every time a new iron set came out, that I liked the look of, I'd take my 845s and try them against the "latest and greatest". It wasn't until 2018 that the P790 and the Mizuno MMC came out that I started looking for a change. It wasn't much of an improvement over my 845s, but enough that when I found a deal on 2nd hand P790s, that I bought the clubs. Use to enjoy going to a pro shop and hitting my 845s against their club, and watching my numbers come out better than theirs. Even when their 7 was the same loft as my 6, I could still hold my own. JM2C

  17. My last club I bought was my Scotty. Fitting experience was fun and my confidence grew exponentially knowing the quality of manufacturing helps me know to trust my roll.

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