Fix Golf Slice Fast Grip Lesson

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amfohr says:

Nice instruction, I just would like to add that you dont hold the club with
the thumb/tumbpad, you hold it with the fingers and the heelpad of the
hand. The tumb is more fore directional purposes in this video.

Lawrence Montague says:

There are a number of ways to close the club-face beyond impact, and you
will find that straightening the right forearm (right hand golfer) will
make it easier to rotate the club-face. Yes it is possible to square up the
face by rotating your hands using the muscles in the forearms however by
establishing a grip that helps you to do this without thinking about it,
with the help of a straightening right forearm, I have found that golfers
learn to master this move more easily.

Sand Bunker says:

Great video instruction. Thank you so much for sharing this. Now, just a
comment on one of your points: I think you mentioned in the video, that
you cannot close the club face by turning the hands thru impact, but,
instead have to rely on proper grip to do so. IMHO, this is false: I have
a very weak grip, but can square, or even close the club face thru impact
by rotating my hands anti-clock-wise thru impact with a great success. Any
comments on this would be greatly appreciated !

wheelywot says:

Tried this method today at the range. It immediately brought my drives back
from a slice, to hitting straight and further. Thanks Lawrie for your easy,
yet concise teaching method.

cody peters says:

This causes me to snap hook low… What can I do to avoid that?

Dan Leigh says:

OMG thanks you so much for this video. My first tee I did your fix and hit
it right down the middle.
On my fifth hole HOLE IN ONE a ace
Thanks again!!!!!!

Chingon Impala says:

Good instructional drill tips, I tried this at the driving range and it
greatly improved my slice. THANKS !

Jon NZ says:

This tip (left thumb on the right hand side of the shaft – as opposed to
being straight down the top of the shaft, or slightly to the right on
the top of the shaft – as promoted by many others) is the best I’ve seen
after viewing hundreds of golf-related videos over the last 3 years. It
promotes easy release of the club head through impact (no more blocked
shots) and increased power (5 metres to 15 metres increase in distance,
depending on the club). The wrist hinge demonstration is great. Absolutely
brilliant. Thanks. 


does this apply for drivers?

golfconfidencepro says:

Thanks for your advice, I’ll definitely make sure I’m closer in my next
series. Thanks for sharing your comments.

golfconfidencepro says:

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it and I hope it helps you.

golfconfidencepro says:

Thank you for sharing your amazing success with me and I wish you continued
success with your golf.

wesbilly says:

So this is great. But my club face is almost at the two o’clock position at
address. Is this too much? It has helped my always being left. I am a
southpaw. Great explanation.

golfconfidencepro says:

It might be helpful for you to video your swing so you can find out where
your hands are so you can work out where they have to go. The you might
find that the information in this video can help you to achieve a better
impact. Thanks for sharing your comments and good luck with your game.

wowepicheroic says:

Hard to believe you’re giving away this for free, great video!

golfconfidencepro says:

I’m glad my video has helped you to gain more confidence with your swing
and I wish you the best with your golf and thanks for taking the time to
share your comments.

bexleybaz1 says:

Love your tips, clear and obvious. I dont slice or push any shots EXCEPT
with the driver. 3 and 5 wood and 3 iron utility club and all irons
straight and true. 85% of drives good and straight then WHAM out of the
blue I’m 3 or 5 off the tee with a drive in the next (right hand) county.
Not Happy obviously but I’ll try your left hand position and see what
happens. Barry J

golfconfidencepro says:

Really glad to read that my golf lesson has helped you. Keep practicing and
working on the weak skills as this will lead to lower golf scores and a lot
more fun playing this great game. Thanks for sharing your comments and the
best of luck.

golfconfidencepro says:

The best of luck with it Jeff and I appreciate you sharing your comments.
There are plenty of videos for you to study and learn from at my golf
channel Jeff that can help you to keep making progress with your game.

drmwm1 says:

Thanks a million! Amazing how a slight shift got me straight on line, plus
allows for a draw with just a slight out-to-the-right swing! I had
stubbornly held on to the “left wrist must squarely face target” myth
(which often left my shots either offline to the right &/or
fading/slicing).. I look forward to reviewing your other tips!

golfconfidencepro says:

I’m sorry I haven’t put together any videos on the right hand as yet. The
right hand is important to monitoring and sensing the clubhead throughout
the golf swing. The key is to let it ride on the left hand and not become
involved in starting the downswing. Thanks for sharing your comments and
the best of luck to you.

John M says:

Hi Lawrie, thanks for the tip, could you please do a video or clear up a
matter for me, which is better interlock grip or overlap (vardon) and why.
I hear that people say it’s whichever you’re more comfortable with. I can
hit both fairly well however overlap better. I have big hands, using XL
even XXL gloves, I would really appreciate it.

golfconfidencepro says:

It’s good to read that you sorted your grip out through trial and error.
Keep up the great work and thanks for taking the time to share your success
with me. Great minds think alike lol

golfconfidencepro says:

That’s great! Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me know how you
went with it.

golfconfidencepro says:

I hope that my suggestions help you and I wish you much success with it and
thanks for sharing your comments

Tynan V says:

Just wondering, does this method work for the Driver as well or any club in
the bag?

Steven Richie says:

Great tip, saw immediate results when I went to the driving range

thelakersforlife says:

tried it today and it worked! I appreciate it so much

golfconfidencepro says:

Best of luck with it and thanks for sharing your comments.

golfconfidencepro says:

Thank you for sharing your comments on your experience using the advice
from the video. I’m so pleased when golfers can improve an aspect of their
technique with faster. Golf is a challenging game to learn and play and my
lessons are based on more than 20 years on the lesson tee. Hopefully the
information will help you develop consistency and lower scores. Thanks
again for your comments and continued success with your game.

Robert Ruiz says:

I started playing golf for about a year now and my biggest problem was the
slice..almost gave up playing, but after watching this video I made the
adjustment and I was amazed! I hit all my drives down the middle, still
working to improve my game. Thanks Lawrie.

Adrian Buckley says:

brilliant. did what u said and now driving straight 230-280 yards. thank

golfconfidencepro says:

I’m sure that it will help you to hit straighter and more consistent shots.
A fade’s a great shot but to have the opportunity to hit it straighter and
even draw the ball occaisionally will be helpful at times on the golf
course. Thanks for your comments and good luck.

Takeabowson1986 says:

I have been playing for about 9 months and have never had lessons. I would
just like to say thank you very much for this video. I watched it several
times last week, tried it out on Wednesday at the driving range, played a
round today on the same course as last weekend in windier conditions and
got round in 18 shots less!! No joke, not only have I practically got rid
of my slice, I was hitting my shots MUCH further than usual! Thanks again.

golfconfidencepro says:

Thank you for your feedback and I’m very pleased that this lesson has
helped you. The best of luck with your golf and thanks again for taking the
time to share your comments.

golfconfidencepro says:

The best way to check if it’s too much is to test it hitting golf shots. If
you hit the ball straighter with a 2 o’clock club-face then go for it! It
is doesn’t, keep adjusting until your find your ideal ‘lead’ hand grip. I’m
glad you enjoyed the video and best of luck with it.

golfconfidencepro says:

It sure will. You’ll discover that this approach to gripping the club will
give you the control your need over the clubface to hit much straighter
golf shots. Thanks for taking the time to ask your question and I wish you
luck with your practice and play.

Jonathan W Golf says:

Thank you for another great video.I play with a natural fade and have
always struggled to hit a consistent draw. Have tried this for 2 days at
the range and have had a lot of success. Able to hit a nice draw now. Many
thanks Lawrie.

David Hansen says:

Great tips!

golfconfidencepro says:

It sure will, the principle the same with an iron and a driver. Just
practice and adjust your grip to find your ideal grip position. Thanks for
your question and the best of luck with your golf.

Jeff Esper says:

I’ve never heard this tip/explanation before. Grip has always been an issue
for me. It’s hard to find a grip that feels comfortable and I notice it
going back. Can’t hit down with hands forward having thumb on top. This may
solve casting and over the top issues which could be from trying to get
square. Your “over the top” fix is great too. Point handle to the target.
So simple. I noticed in video that my club head gets behind me too far. I
bet these ideas will fix that too?

Mox_au says:

i’ve been hitting a natural fade for 15 years, i’ll test out the stronger
top hand and get back to you

MrStrat70s says:

Great video. You explain it very good, the uses of the 10 – 1 o’clock and
11 – 2 o’clock explains it perfectly to me. Thank you.

golfconfidencepro says:

The best of luck to you when you get the chance to try it out.

golfconfidencepro says:

You’re welcome and thank you for sharing your comments.

golfconfidencepro says:

That’s great that you have taken the slice out of your shot. Just make sure
that you complete a full body rotation right to the end of your golf
stroke. Your hips should finish pointing slightly to the left of where your
target is to ensure a good impact and straighter golf shots. Best of luck
with it and thanks for sharing your comments.

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