Gary Player lesson The single most important part of your golf swing! Part 1

Very good tips on improving your swing and distance by keeping your weight forward! Get a signed copy of Rabbit's new book “Last of the Big Three Caddies” today at

12 thoughts on “Gary Player lesson The single most important part of your golf swing! Part 1

  1. John Koch – couldn't agree more. Many players never get to understand the benefits of realizing the golf swing is an athletic move, the act of moving the weight forward into the ball. They either stand stationary because they're terrified of moving that head, or even worse hit off the back foot. Spend a whole day on the range just practicing moving your weight onto your left foot (if you're a right-hander) before dropping the club into the ball and it will change your whole concept of your own golf swing.

  2. single most important point in the swing….people spend so much time worrying about moving the head and keeping it still that they all think they are transferring the weight to the front, but are not. Wish I had seen this years ago.

  3. He conveys weight transference in the worst way I can ever imagine. He totally does'nt understand kinetic linking and how energy is released from the ground up,his analogy is poor and will lead amateurs to move laterally from the top. His is of course a great player who strangely rates his Senior majors over his REAL majors ? very strange if you ask me.I suggest Gary goes and reads up on Mr Hogans 5 Lessons and learns how to better communicate weight transference. He is wrong.

  4. No he is wrong on that,the weight does not keep moving forwards. Biomechanics show that the most efficient swings release fully by restricting the lateral movement,its an upper coiling release not a lateral release. To understand this you have to fully understand down force,Mr Player is wrong despite his career wins. You never teach someone to move in the way he describes.

  5. Not a good explanation about transition and an even worse analogy using the pitcher from baseball. There is a meter and a half difference between releasing a baseball and the angle of attack of a club on a golf ball. As I said a very poor analogy Mr Player.

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