Gary Player on the secret to golf fitness

On the week of his 80th birthday, all-time golfing great Gary Player showed the Butch Harmon School of Golf's Claudine Foong the secrets to a workout routine that still allows him to break 70 on a golf course

13 thoughts on “Gary Player on the secret to golf fitness

  1. Shows how fitness is needed for longevity in the game, they are all at it nowadays, 20 years ago you could have done a Craig Stadler now it is difficult unless Beef proves us wrong!!

  2. The core, lower body and flexibility is very important. The hip speed thru the swing is a result from it. Many beginners believe it's mostly upper body and arm strength which is why many have over the top moves and hooks. For a second I thought Gary was going to accidentally give her a chop across the neck.

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