Gary Player on the secret to golf fitness

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Chester Micek says:

Player is a) talented, and b) driven. He can come across as a crazed drill sergeant, but he is harder on himself than you'd expect.

jason day says:

Gary player vs Conor??

cyuiyu wyguiyui says:

80 years old and still does 70 on a golf course…

Aspect says:

I agree that Tiger woods have to big arms, i see alot of golfers with bigger arms and they're all inconsistent

Andy M says:

She is absolutely beautiful

CG Mat says:

Shows how fitness is needed for longevity in the game, they are all at it nowadays, 20 years ago you could have done a Craig Stadler now it is difficult unless Beef proves us wrong!!

Denny Law says:

There may never be another as great as this man…May God bless and continue to keep him.

ant john says:

Dementia setting in

1Mannco says:

The core, lower body and flexibility is very important. The hip speed thru the swing is a result from it. Many beginners believe it's mostly upper body and arm strength which is why many have over the top moves and hooks. For a second I thought Gary was going to accidentally give her a chop across the neck.

Ligerpride says:

80 years of age? Amazing. Just goes to show, there is no excuse.

KT says:

The MAN! this should have millions of views! but were all to lazy from crappy diets!

Rich Beresford says:

What an absolute legend, remarkable individual.

Kevin Fang says:

He's training reminds me of another legend—–Bruce Lee.

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