Gary Player Putting Tips

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Randy Bailin says:

Holding those clubs with the fingers is crazy strong

Eric Stenzel says:

How much was Gary paid for this?

The Callaway Kid says:

What a guy- such energy

theconman says:

Wish i had been there for the challenge… i would have made sure i put those putters in the same place that gary did…not let him put it at the end of their fingers.


Unfair trick with holding both putters, his fingers (grip point) were much closer to the middle of the grips vice where the contestants' grip point was at the end of the grip,,, besides that a very insightful video..

digni ty says:

약장수할래? 자기는 그립중앙에 손까락 끼고 다른사람은 그립끝에 잡게하공 위치도 자기만 안쪽에서 바깥쪽으로 힘받게 잡공~ㅋ

Patrick Do says:

He cheated with his two fingers. If he does the same thing what the did with other two guys…he won't able to hold those putters up.

O. G. says:

I dont know whos the funniest man in golf….him or Treviño….lol

Mark Greer says:

There's too much putting in golf.

Cpk Unlimited says:

Very spunky man. Very much like his attitude

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