Gary Player, THE golf clinic! Enjoy!

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Vivian Price says:

wot a star lv this vid really funny man lv him

Denny Law says:

We're so lucky to have this dear man still alive and doing well and enjoying life far more at 80 than I ever did in all my life. I admire him so much as I consider him a gift to this world for all these years. 50 years of playing, and not one bit of anything to be ashamed of as he gives so much back to this wonderful game. Many, including Mr. Woods bring nothing but shame to what so many built before them.
Wonderful work Gary.

Vincent Phun says:

very nice advice

Jordan Hazell says:

He is mental but brilliant, thing is if he would have been based in America he'd probably of won just as many majors as Nicklaus, he has incredible will power and mental strength and talent obvs

tatchy1001 says:

Within 2.30 minutes he's insulted the average golfer's ability, bragged about his grand slam and name dropped Elvis, great golfer but fuck me he'll remind you of it all day every day.

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