Gary Player thinks age isn’t a good excuse for Tiger Woods | THE HERD

Former pro golfer Gary Player joins Colin Cowherd to discuss Tiger Woods age playing a factor in his game, Jack Nicklaus' unique abilities and more.
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Gary Player thinks age isn't a good excuse for Tiger Woods | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd:

29 thoughts on “Gary Player thinks age isn’t a good excuse for Tiger Woods | THE HERD

  1. From 1960 to 1983, 3.5 million nonwhite South Africans were removed from their homes, and forced into segregated neighbourhoods, in one of the largest mass removals in modern history.

  2. Yep, too many golf coaches might have ruined Tiger. It became too mechanical. Perhaps these so called golf coaches only sought fame via Tiger, to promote themselves.

  3. Rod Laver actually didn't play in a major from 1963 to 1968 or 24 majors, but I agree with Gary, and I am so glad I grew up in the era of Nicklaus, Palmer, Player. Love your show, but seldom get home in time to see it that often.

  4. I can remember Player appearing on the Ed Sullivan show sometime in the very early 60's, and he did squats with a 300 pound barbell on Sullivan's stage. Player never weighed more than about 135 pounds, and maybe less then. I wouldn't be surprised if he can still do it today 50+ years later. Very inspiring for someone my age (66). Better go hit that bike trainer….;)

  5. Just bringing something to the discussion. Yes he is confidant, and arrogant, and some what self centered but at the highest level of any sport you have to believe you are the best if you don't (DOG can't eat). Now this is a man who started strong in life and is finishing strong and didn't let people's words, or life's problems effect his personality. Not only does it take good gene's but a strong mind too he has both very unique (hear hear Mr Player). P.S If people think he's talking just to talk you forget one thing we all grew up with but then slowly lost as time goes on a PASSION for life.

  6. The 9 Majors on the Senior Tours are meaningless ! Gary get real we don't care if you won 100 senior tour majors they mean NOTHING ! You won 9 Majors and that is IT!

  7. jack won the masters in 1986 because of a classic Greg Norman melt down player keep playing in the masters coming dead last making a fool of himself player couldn't shine tigers shoes

  8. all gary cares about is gary. he is without a doubt the most self-centered person i have ever heard speak! Look at me, look at me, oh please everyone, just look at me!

  9. My God Gary player might have just become the #1 person I'd want to have a conversation with because this was by far my favorite herd interview!

  10. Very outspoken and usually pretty correct. Amazing that he should name Ben Hogan as the best player.. especially with the equipment they had in those early days. Would have been interesting to have heard the answer to the question of Hogan never addressing Arnold Palmer by his name but only as 'fella'. That is amazing in itself.

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