Gary Player’s first reaction to X Hot 3 wood

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colors1387 says:

no bullshit, no lying, these clubs are stupid long. i play the stock (stiff flex) 3 and 5 wood and the distance on both is unreal. with the 3 wood, i rarely (and i mean rarely) hit driver. the clubs are That long. and they sound nice upon contact.

tigerbalm says:

I HATE the stock shaft. It's some light gray cheap looking color. They should have had a white colored colorway to to wit the gray head! The stock looks simply cheap and plastic. Titleist's Diamana stock looks 1000 times better. I think Callaway designers are colorblind and don't know what cool is….like Cobra.

JoeGolfKing says:

What is the shaft used? It does not appear to be the stock shaft, which is a silver color.
It looks red or orange. If orange, perhaps the Graphite Design Tour AD DI model? If red, perhaps the Matrix Ozik Q3 Red Tie? If so, both of those are huge upgrades over the stock shaft, in quality as well as price.

dt5538 says:

anybody know what shaft was on his 3 wood?

petecabrina says:

I had no intention at all of replacing my 3 wood anytime soon and Callaway brings this out… *sigh*

AmeagleWard says:

20 yards further than previous 3 wood models? Terrible time to cut off..
Daddy needs new fairway woods and these things look sexy..

lonestargun says:

He's going to out live Jack & Arnie.. Gary is incredibly fit

Tad Sagendorf says:

Do your sit-ups and push-ups kids. Gary's 77 years-old, and last night on the Champions Tour preview show the announcers said he might be making some starts this year!

ernie3nell says:

I love the whistle…….

Vincent Kerkhoven says:

Let me test too?

thesaunders8 says:

The Black Knight always triumphs!

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