Geoff Ogilvy Swing (Side and Back) @ 2009 US PGA

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CazHattrick11 says:

If you try and say something bad about his swing, you can go to hell.

CazHattrick11 says:

If you try and say something about his swing, you can go to hell.

serveitup911 says:

@TheSwingCheck The shaft bend is an effect of the camera. Because the club head is accelerating faster than the shaft & grip, it appears to be further ahead than it really is. In that frame of maybe 1/120 of a second, the clubhead has moved an appreciable distance relative to the shaft, so the camera captures that end result. If you look at videos with higher FPS, you will not see this effect because the camera is capturing a smaller slice of the action with each frame.

xfactor5492 says:

wow what a swing, check out mine : )

julian bosi says:

the shaft is suppose to be like that at impact thats why when you buy a shaft they ask you for stiff xstiff regular or flex

jtjorger says:

the shaft bends forward because his hands are speeding up to impact and almost throwing the club head into the ball

cmochrie says:

hahahahahha are you robert allenby???… or stuart appleby???!?!??! cuz you cannot say shit about ogilvys swing… just for reference why do auzzys names end in Y's!?!?!

Phil Ebbesen says:

i disagree. the shaft is sapposed to be bowed like that at impact. go watch a video of jamie sadlowski and pause his swing at impact its insane.

Garrett Hawk says:

surprisingly his natural shot is a power draw… I agree with you that it doesn't look like it. but if you look at his hand at address, they are back behind the clubhead which makes the face closed.

Madisonrvr says:

He hits a slight fade, but i'll tell you- i followed him for 18 holes at this year's Memorial in Columbus, Ohio, and every driver or three wood he hit off the tee was absolutely dead straight, a mile high, and a mile long. It was incredible and it looked like he wasn't even trying.

iSeekGolf says:

Thx glad you like them – The camera I used is a Canon 5D Mark II

iSeekGolf says:

🙂 Take a sleeve of pills and have a good lie down

gybochop says:

Damn you iseekgolf !

Im addicted to your vids 🙁

iSeekGolf says:

🙂 Nothing added there – just the slowed down version of the audio.

Francisco says:

smooth swing man his tempo is effort less

iSeekGolf says:

Thx emncaity – much appreciated.

stephen f says:

OP, your vids are unbelievable. Thanks for posting.

dillcliff says:

tempo tempo tempo

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