George Knudson – “ Your Natural Golf Swing”

George Knudson is considered to be one of the greatest swingers of the golf club and ball strikers ever.

A brilliant student of the game and disciple of Ben Hogan.

His swing is still studied today by top players and instructors.

His book the “Natural Golf Swing” is a brilliant classic and must read for all golfers.
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George Knudson believed the golf swing should be based on the laws of motion with the body moving naturally to swing the golf club.

The swing is based on body rotation with minimum tension, a naturally flowing, simpler, easier swing, based on good footwork, active body rotation, weight transfer and balance,

He believed everyone has their own natural best swing.

If you want a simpler, easier way to swing the golf club this is it. Check out this video to get started!

Long Live George Knudson!

Watch and Learn!

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6 thoughts on “George Knudson – “ Your Natural Golf Swing”

  1. Great material on one of the finest players of all time. A forgotten one as well! Had George Knudson been a better putter he would have been a top ten player all time. Case Closed. He won eight times as a horrific putter! A decent putting stroke would have given him 30 to 40 wins at a minimum. I also feel he was the most articulate speaker in expressing his views of the swing. Not even Bobby Jones or Ben Hogan were as lucid about the swing. Hogan in particular was like a closed book. A genius that gave away nothing. Knudson wanted to share his swing brilliance with the ignorant and less gifted player. Which is to say most of us!! Much like him, you have a more simplistic view of the swing. Body and GROUND CONTROLLED. Take the arms and upper body as far from the equation as possible. Love these drills that clean out the attic. And best of all, clean up your game.

  2. Great video and thanks for posting, but get rid of the shite background music…you don’t need it and it detracts from an otherwise great recording!

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