GOLF: 4 MUST DO'S With Your Driver – Downswing – Hitting the Driver farther with LESS EFFORT!

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GOLF: 4 MUST DO'S With Your Driver – Backswing (With Scratch Golf Academy)
Hitting the Driver farther with LESS EFFORT!

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What an awesome day with Adam Bazalgette at the Mediterra Club in Naples, Florida!

Check out Scratch Golf Academy (if you don't already) for some awesome videos from Adam and for the second half of this video series!


While in Florida, we teamed with Adam Bazalgette, host of the popular Scratch Golf Academy YouTube Channel, for a series of videos. Adam has been the SW Florida PGA teach of the year twice, is a 27 year Class A PGA Member, was the director of the David Leadbetter Golf Academy for 13 years, and has taught numerous players that have competed on PGA, LPGA, PGA Champions Tour, and Canadian Tour. Adam has also appeared on the Golf Channel numerous times. Be sure to check out Adam's Scratch Golf Academy YouTube channel and his website at

Adam and I are spreading the knowledge across BOTH of our channels. This video is #4 in a series of four all about the things you MUST-DO when hitting your Driver. In this video we focus on the downswing and follow through.

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Greggy S says:

I find these videos were Eric teams up with other instructors to be the best instructional vids on the internet. So good. Thanks for doing them.

Jimmy Thorpe says:

Really good video helped me a lot, brilliant!

Christian Traynor says:

Eric sorry if this is too much info but I just want people to know how good you are coming from someone who is not affiliated with you in any way. I'll keep it brief as possible. I'm only 5ft 6in-officially a 14 handicap based on 3 cards from a year ago but I'm more like a 10 or 11 really. I have been working on this drill in my living room for the whole coronavirus lockdown. When I went back on the course I was hitting huge hooks that started straight and went off the planet! Instead of panicking, I stuck with it and kept trying to start them more right. I hit one huge hook 288 yards – 8 yards further than my longest ever drive. I've been able to straighten it out the last few days and today I carried roughly 295ish rolling out to 334 yards on the flat and the ball can't go right. Other drives were on average between 270-290. But the best thing is that I wasn't anywhere near as physically beat after the round- it felt effortless. You sir are so good at what you do and I can't thank you enough. Having followed you for a long time, I would like to ask if I am able to leave a testimonial on your site like this because I feel it's only fair. Obviously if that's not cool/possible that's totally fine and don't worry I will not leave any more ridiculous comments like this on your youtube page. Just in this instance I really wanted to thank you. Thank you.

bash2040 says:

Hi gentlemen in regards to the angles of swing path you are talking would it be easier to do your take away and back swing back around your body rather then going more down and up and steeper like irons please advise

Arc of Sea says:

Thanks bro..

Ryan G says:

This series is so helpful. Stuck at home I can swing a club in my garden video and watch back. Now I know what I’m looking to see!

Gary Stromberg says:

Hey Eric, can you check your Yahoo account?
Thanks, Gary

ThomasKlarskov says:

Just tried this.. now im hooking the ball 🙁

Scratch Golf Academy says:

Great spending time with you and Mary down here in Naples. Stay well!
All the best, Adam (Scratch Golf Academy)

chad v says:

I think this would help my pull hook from the tee. Agree or disagree?
How can we see the scratch series videos mentioned? Thanks for the video.

david foster says:

make it simple start and finish your swing with your hips.

Farm ranau 2u says:

Nice info..great vdeo..from malaysia

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