Golf as a Sport

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Before Tiger Woods, golf was seen as just a game. Now it's an Olympic sport populated by athletes who work both on and off the course to be the best. .

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Nikhil Yadav says:

MW2 mlg trickshotting skrubs is a sport

Reggie's Homework says:

Golfers got big asses ngl

Chris Hernandez says:

Let's get pool into the next Olympics!!!


AceOfSpades says:

You don’t need to be athletic to play golf. You need to be athletic to be good at golf.

Justin Hernandez says:

It's time

roter13 says:

golf does not deserve to be in the Olympics. at the end of the day you play against yourself with no real opponent. if you mess up, it's all your fault

smart water says:

The greatest sport in the world golf swing is one of the most difficult movement human can do it take lot of muscles and flexibility throwing punches and kicking a ball is easy…

Powa Golfer says:

To play golf you don't have to be an athlete but to be good at it you need to be an athlete, yeah your not sweating when you play golf but its the mental side of it that makes it a sport the physical part of it just makes it easier to concentrate!

jgzero18 says:

And theres an allure to watching a man stand on a mound and throw a white ball at a man with a bat who attempts to hit it as 8 or 9 others stand around and wait for the ball to come to them? How is that a sport, because they all wear team uniforms?

Robert Dybowicz says:

I cannot really see the allure of "spitting" stupid comments below the video of sport what is silly by my mean…. Ill be rather somewhere chasing my stupid little white ball at big field.

Fluffaluffigas says:

Try it, and accept how bad you suck, then you will know.

Graeme Mann says:

thumbs up if u think golf is awesome. 😀

loosebumhole says:

ricky barnes said it best at the end

Mark Geniza says:

probably because you've never experienced the challenge it presents.

Linda Oliver says:

Tiger Woods may be an athlete, but most golfers are not. I cannot see the allure of chasing a little white ball around a big field.

23piz23mitch says:

yes people who like golf like me:)

DaEvilFruju says:

Yes i did, you're to arrogant to notice. i said that golf being around for so long is the reason its now recognised world wide as a great sport and has found its way to the olympics.

robodomo1231 says:

you still didn't answer my question.

DaEvilFruju says:

Yes, yes it is.

robodomo1231 says:

*facepalm*….you know what ….nvm its like talking to an idiot.

DaEvilFruju says:

when in existence for over a 100 years a sport will become well known mate.

robodomo1231 says:

its what made it popular… its the only reason people even know golf existed. If it wasn't Tiger the who was it smart ass?

DaEvilFruju says:

Are they seriously saying Tiger Woods is the reason golf is in the olympics? Man get over your obsession people, one arrogant man didnt make this happen.

Rooster says:

John Daly can attest to the physical training and gym-rat type mentality that is needed to hit the ball far…..Lol much of this is hype. Although a fit golfer may stay healthy longer in his career.

Recon says:

@xrelyt1 you cant compare completely different sports like that, so i disagree

Alex Allbut says:

Cian389 I can understand what you are saying but at the course that I'm a member at 18 holes is over 5 miles and I play 7 days a week so there is physical exertion as well as mental in my eyes

Nabil Luqman says:

Before i worked out my driver was about 210 meters and now its at 250 meters 😀

Cian389 says:

i play golf alot but its not a sport, its a game, there is little physical exertion only mental really

Tyler L says:

golf is definitely the most skillful sport there is

Bailey Williams says:

golf is the greatest sport ever played

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