7 STUPID Things All Golfers NEED In Their Golf Bag

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7 STUPID Things All Golfers NEED In Their Golf Bag. We all know that golfers need the latest long hitting driver, fresh wedges with grooves to help us spin the ball back miles and a putter that holes everything right? so apart from that what does every golfer need in their bag to shoot lower scores, to beat their friends at golf, to reduce their handicap and become a golf legend and hit amazing golf shots? maybe that's a bit strong, but here's 7 stupid things every golfer needs in their bag to play good enjoyable golf.

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Diogenes' Lantern says:

Spray bottle with dish soap + water, and a towel is the most amazing way to clean clubs. Dirt doesn't stand a chance

Dark Helmet says:

A tourniquet to stop the bleeding might be helpful ?

dhuffu says:

Man you should make a how to organize a bag video

Golfing Accessories R Us says:

Bug spray is a must here in the mountains or you will get eaten alive!

Jack Fenton says:

He forgot condoms.

Jason Issel says:

I used to snow ski I can relate to not protecting your lips.

Jimmy Sackuvich says:

Never heard bandages referred to as plasters

March Forth says:

How about binoculars? Finding balls, seeing if that is a person 600 yards behind you at the T box or just a figment of your imagination etc.

Will Deit says:

Love it James

nate way says:

Maybe a new video that is updated for 2021?

becomeaudible1 says:

What the hell us a plaster?

Lexx White says:

#8……toilet roll


“Picture of your wife , picture of your girlfriend, picture of both “ ?


Lip protection. Florida golfer – – – – his second 24 year old wife . . . .


Exactly how expensive are golf gloves ? in the Kingdom? They are the price of a couple of cups of Starbucks coffee hear.


We in the Colonies,”plasters and wrap tape” oh band aids ?

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