Golf Blades Have They Changed Over 20 Years

Golf Blades Have They Changed Over 20 Year. Old v New in the world of Mizuno blades. See what has really changed in golf club design and if you lose any performance over the new club to the old.

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  1. Does the 2010 groove change make any difference in this test? I'm not very happy with the possibility of having to give up my Ben Hogan Apex Plus irons in 2024!

  2. A vintage set with new grips for around 100 dollars and the ( nearly 1000 dollar difference in cost for a comparable new set )spent on a 300 dollar golf simulator a, 50 dollar black rubbish net tarp (painted white) for a back drop screen, a tripod (40 bucks) for an ipad or smart phone camera and 600 in lessons & coaching should leave ten bucks for a 12 pack of beer and get you way closer to being a good golfer.
    pretty irons with a one number weaker stamp (8 stamped as a 9) or a pretty swing that gets you on the green , it's all in how you choose to spend your money, 1100 bucks to the far east to be a hack with shiny clubs or 1100 hundred spent local learning to golf,( everyone golfs with used clubs no matter what they pay for them) and if you really want to learn to golf you can usually get someone to give you an old set
    ps: thanks for the videos
    1953 Ben Hogans free , learned on em
    1990s Spalding eagle cavity backs
    1989 ping eye 2 I like them a lot
    1972 Wilson Staff Buttonbacks reg flex shafts leather grips( 30 bucks ebay )bought for practice I love them I'll be getting rid of the other irons

  3. I've finally arrived at the place where distance means nothing anymore, but rather, feel is now the holy grail, I suppose being 72, with arthritic hands would also make one look for feel. That being said, I've recently reshafted a set of Yonex Rekin Tour 100 cavity back forged irons into a set of Rifle 5.0 shafts,, and for me, the feel is like a hot knife going thru butter, I've used them 8 or 9 times, and am vety happy with the set. I do have to hit one more club then I did with my Rocketballzs irons, but the Yonex are about 20 years old, so, probably 2 to 4 degreed weaker lofts than in the Taylor's.

  4. I'm a club fitter and a club builder in the golf industry.

    Well let's just start off by saying 1 thing. the only reason the clubs were relatively close was bcs you put a newer shaft in the tp11. u guys still playing your 20 year old "firm flex" need to upgrade your shafts! lol

    second thing is blades are pretty close to the same thing except I would imagine slightly lower cg in mp5. i would wager their is a weaker loft in the tp11 as well. could be 1 to 2 degrees. the biggest difference is quality control! I imagine you get more consistent gaping through the irons and a tighter deviation of ballspeed across the face (relatively speaking for a blade). the metal is probably more uniform throughout the face on mp5.

    great video mark I enjoyed it!

  5. Mark,

    You stated the clubs were setup the same, but also mentioned the clubhead on the newer club being slightly larger. Did you happen to measure the clubs to see if their swing weights were identical?

  6. To me, there is almost no difference between these two clubs. I guess the newer clubs are just a little stronger. That's why they go further… I didn't quite get your conclusion. If owned a set of those old clubs I wouldn't feel the need to change to the newer ones.

  7. you swung harder with the new club than you did with the old one, crossfield.

    and if you grabbed a set of '94 big berthas, youd hit em farther and higher than either set of mizunos.

  8. Hi Mark,

    it would be nice, if you con make an old vs. new golfball review. Maybe a ball from the late 90´s vs. an actual ball. In tv the comentators say, that the ball not the clubs are the main reason the guys hit the ball that far these days.

  9. I've gamed the Mizuno tp 9's, tp 19's, mp 14's and mp 37's. Nike forged blades and VR TW forged blades. I think all they've done is moving the numbers from what used to be a 3 iron to what now is a 4-5 iron!!! That has been done in order to make us buy more wedges, which is more profitable for the club manufactureres, since a PW is now 45 degrees and not 50!!! So I Think Mizuno mp 14's are the best blades ever made and they're available from just below 100 £!!!

  10. bladed muscle back irons haven't changed much since mizuno sold the rights to titleist when Tiger switched over. Thank you Tiger!! Thank you Titleist for making the best MB and CB irons to date!! 2014's AP2's have the same looking thin top line MB look with better performance than any club on the market. If you consider yourself a good ball striker and love the feel of a CB or MB iron but want the forgiveness of a real cavity back then the AP1 is your key to look and feel overall.. I play the 714 CB titleist irons but I should play the AP2. Titleist AP2 irons are the money clubs for a low handicaps game, or the 714 AP1 if you're looking for the forgiveness. In my opinion the 716 AP1 look too chunky… the 714 AP1's look better…

    Had a Mizuno fitting day at my club today and hit the MB's. The top line looks much too fat to have the look and visual feel of a MB. The top line of the new Mizuno MB's look [feel] too thick and chunky. However, the Mizuno CB's are more proportional in size and look more natural. My assosciate is playing the new Mizuno set and I love the look of the new 430 cc driver and am jealopus of his new set. Still Love TITLEIST though….

    Another however, Mizuno is offering a no charge shaft upgrade. They are by far the best performance vs dollar option in 2016.

    Good for you Mizuno. Big reason why my club dropped the 6 month repeat release of overpriced taylormade BS and picked up the affordable performance of Mizuno.. Great options!!!

    @markcrossfield If you're ever in the greater Toronto area [GTA], Ontario give us a call and I'll glady host you and your friends for a game. . Course is in unreal condition again this year and would love some media attention.

    Keep up the great work!!

  11. Thanks for comparing the two clubs. I have softened wondered if blades have improved over the last 15 years. I would love to see you do the same sort of comparison between the older blades and the newer blades. I think they call them "player" irons.

  12. Ive been playing with my MacGregor tourney mtr1 blades for 24 years. They were built in 1968. I wouldn't trade any set of new technology in world for them!!

  13. Hey Mark, you should do the same test hitting old school balata wound balls like the ones the TP 11's were designed to hit. I'll bet the MP 5's would launch them too high and loose that competition in distance

  14. I play Titleist 695MB's on flighted 6.0 frequency matched shafts. Because of the flighted shafts, I feel like my higher lofted clubs seem to launch at a slightly lower launch angles which helped me to come in and check up quicker than my 981 short irons gave me.. My long irons launch what seems to me to be a bit more higher from a higher launch angle than my perimeter weighted clubs I used to p[lay (981's). I think the weight being more centered low and right behind the strike itself gives a lot more energy transfer too, at least that what it feels like.. My 981 7 iron I hit around 141 yards carry fairly consistently and they were harder to hold greens with. But my 695 7 iron I get 150- 153 carry, and a lot more holding power, which I think is because of a higher spin rate, but I really don't know for sure. Appearance and confidence can play tricks I think, so…. The flighted shafts coupled to the better center of gravity on my 2 iron was surprising. I went from about 213 carry to 234, In fact, my 2,3, and 4 irons all got longer by a pretty good margin. I got over12 yards with each, which caused me trouble for a long time, because I didn't trust the results I was getting so I hit quite a few through the green. I will say mishits can be pretty cruel on the left forearm with a real thumper type of hits with the 2 and 3 irons. Because of the sting of mishits on my my 2 &3, I myself have to stay lower and not use the ground with my longest clubs so much so it feels like I am dulling out the shot sort of , but it is going further than ever. I wonder if Mark also limits leg thrust with his longest irons, too.

  15. I've got the MS 11's from a pro back in '89 who got them 1- PW new from Japan. My newest set is the MP 67, which is lesser stiff, S300 rather than the S400 in the others. The top line on the MS 11 set is pretty desirable. They're for sale in good condition, $475. now!

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