Golf Course Lesson Chipping Sodbury

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Golf Course Lesson Chipping Sodbury with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru, James Dimond and Gorilla James. Watch as mark James and James plot their way around the very pretty parkland golf course of Chipping Sodbury. Wiltshire the Gorilla hits 300 plus yard drives and Mark and James try to plan their way around the golf course. Play your best golf with AskGolfGuru's golf videos.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Chipping Sodbury golf course video with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru. 

TREXgameplay says:

Mark shut the … Up and let others talk and don’t talk so much

alexander sweetwine says:

mark please make more of these, i love watching them!

Lingjie Cai says:


justjames1111 says:

Great videos. Are your two mates pro’s too Mark.



Christian Acero says:

I thought this was a lesson on how to chip from a special kind of grass
called sodbury

Neal Bloom says:

Great videos thank you Mark

Dermot Dunne says:

What is the drumming in the background

Mark Crossfield says:

Playing golf lesson at Chipping Sodbury golf club outside Bristol with Mark
Crossfield AskGolfGuru

Teis Bolduc says:

best course vlog so far! Can’t wait till part 2 & 3 😀

Richie Dela Merced says:

Mark I would like to support your channel more. I got the iphone app and
the Golf Mtrx because of your recommendations. I would like to support
4golf a little more, How do i do it?

John M says:

i thought the same, but it’s called the chipping sodbury.

itubeutude says:

nice looking course. the gorilla really smacks it.

3rdgroove says:

Go watch his oldest vids (3-4 years ago) he appears hatless there. Also
some good fundamentals explained there.

MrLediard says:

You and your mates showing off!? Great!!!

Jesus Hernandez says:

Hey man im mexican and now im in cambridge..if is possible i wanna play
golf with u..

alexander lorentson says:

I absolutely love these course video’s, keep it up!

Constantine P says:

Is Crossfield using the Mizuno JPX-825?

Lewis Lumley says:

Love your vidios they help me alot

Adam Huckeby says:

google earth shows Gorrila’s carry at about 295…

Ronnie Casey says:


Golfnovice24 says:

“Broke the hole”. Haha

tinyt31391 says:

holy crap, gorilla james’ swing speed is insane.

n0rpp4 says:

“Is that shirt tight enough?” Hahahahah

twohi2play says:

It would be awesome if they televised the pga tour like how you guys film
these vids.

Ian Simcox says:

Another 3 putts Mark. I hope Glen isn’t watching these videos. He’ll be
pulling his hair out.

Admir Skopic says:

Great work

macbooktips17 says:

is it just me or does everybody love seeing these videos in their feed

3rdgroove says:

Go watch his oldest vids (3-4 years ago) he appears hatless there. Also
some good fundamentals explained there.

Aaron Thompson says:

Hi Mark, might sound like a stupid question, but is there a way to practice
bunker play without access to a practice bunker?

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