GOLF: Don't Turn Your Shoulders In The Golf Swing?

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12 thoughts on “GOLF: Don't Turn Your Shoulders In The Golf Swing?

  1. I just watched your Driver Mastery series on Performance Golf. By far the best instruction I have seen in use of the driver. Looking forward to your other instruction. Thanks.

  2. Eric, I tend to swing over the top pretty drastically. Making a full shoulder turn and feeling as if I keep my back towards the target for as long as I can works pretty well and prevents me from having to flip as well (with the right grip). Do you have any videos on this, or agree that this works? Thanks !

  3. I just turned 65 and play with a lot of younger guys who are really good – like guys who are legit + 2’s, etc. Trying to hit it further now I’ve developed this awesome reverse pivot so I REALLY need to work on this turn stuff.

    It’s just amazing how far people can hit it.

  4. Is it acceptable to not get as much depth on shorter clubs/shots like 50-yard wedges? Wasn't sure how to get the rotation you need without adding the unnecessary power on those shorter swings. Thanks 🙂

  5. Eric, the sensation I get when I tilt and side bend is like a high jumper going over the pole.
    Imagine as the jumper goes over the pole they arch their back towards the pole as they go over backwards.
    Does this sound like a correct “feel”

  6. I feel like you shouldn’t have any tension in the shoulders whatsoever. Should have loose shoulders except for maybe the upward motion of the lead shoulder. I’m the worst, I setup especially to driver with tension in the shoulders it feels powerful but it’s not at all. Always wondered why I shallowing the club but still have high hands trying to work on the hands being lower felt that you can’t deliver the hands if you have shoulder tension

  7. To eliminate some confusion, is it not more correct to say that you rotate other parts of your body to TRANSPORT the shoulders in the turn, rather than you turn your shoulders to turn? The shoulders by themselves have little mobility and many many swing problems will come from thinking that the shoulders are central to turning in the golf swing. The best video that I have seen on this topic by the way is Do NOT TURN your SHOULDERS in the golf swing by Alastair Taylor. He concentrates on another part of the turn that you mention only briefly – left side bend or tilt in the backswing and right side bend or tilt in the downswing, which if you get right, simplifies, stabilizes and gets the right amount of stretch for your physical abilities into the rest of your swing's rotation.

  8. Hi Eric,
    when you do this drill with the club acroos the chest, we see your weight going mainly on the outside of the right foot when the back pointing to the target which is not the basic of the weight transfer at the backswing.
    Have you an explanation for this aspect of the demonstration ?
    Thanks for your reply.

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