Malaska Golf // Golf Swing Analysis // Full Swing – Hip Rotation – Swing Drills

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NormNorm Norm says:

Mike you are simply the best ! Thank you.

golfergpab says:

Thanks, Mike! Trying the 'get hands to original position' with a sharp stick for instant feedback 🙂 which works great for chip or small swings; however when i try to apply the horsepower, i can't seem to get my right hip to stay back thus crashing into the stick with my hands – ouch! Seems that since I've been doing it this way for 20+ years, it is now ingrained. Any further suggestions/ideas? Thanks again!

Paul Dunne says:

Love this guy

Joseph Castillo says:

Nice lesson, if I may. What causes the left thumb to tear the golf glove?

Mark Johnson says:

A bit confusing as to what starts the hip "rotation". I thought pushing off the left toe to the left heel moved the left hip back. This sounds as if the right hip is what initiates clearing the left hip.

Bill lepley says:

Very revealing and helpful

steve perry says:

thnx mike good simple swing action and thoughts i can use.

Joshua Heckler says:

This is the missing link to my swing!

JBoy says:

Great video, get that a lot don’t you. Hip against the wall (bag) is a great tip, as you know. Remembering the thought when playing is obviously tougher!

Paul Malone says:

Great video don't know why more playing pros don't use this technique 🤔

DomiNate says:

Mike this was the missing link, thank you very much. When I make it down there I’ll be sure to swing by for a lesson.

Gayathri Varma says:

Great video

charly y says:

I've been following you Mr. Malaska since Brendon at BE BETTER GOLF did some work with you. I am so glad that he has come back to you lately for more of your wisdom. Early extension and Hips Invading Space has always been my problem. "The Malaska Move" or bringing the hands back… simple… I get it. Thanks for this video… finally has clicked for me.

Stat Chat says:

I took this to the range got the feel. Two days doing it at the house to get muscle memory. Today at the range, world of a difference moving the right hip correctly!

Sherry and Shitters says:

if he slightly lowers the handle and get the toe up at address which will push his arse back and give him a better connection to the ground. this could give him better feeling of pushing away from the ball instead of towards it

Alexander Macleod says:

Great video Mike

Shayan Wahid says:

Getting your hands back to where they started is a really interesting way to think about the impact position but I have a question does it matter how I perform the Takeaway if the ultimate task if you get your hands back to where they started?

teeshotob says:

This is so weird. I live here in Phoenix and found Mike be watching another Youtube channel, have subscribed for about a year now. Randy is a friend of a good friend of mine, and I played golf with him a couple years back when he was out here visiting…I think I won too..LOL. Sorry Randy had to throw that out there. Randy is a good man, fun golfer to play with. Really enjoy your channel Mike, you have helped me a lot. I am striking the ball better and practicing less. Mike has really helped me from coming over the top, and I swing easier and hit it further than ever.

Dave says:

Pretty sure I have this same exact problem. I get a lot of speed in my golf swing, but my control can be wacky at times. I'm going to give these drills a try. Thanks!

Thomas Palmer says:

Insightful guidance!

stephen hash says:

Thank you sir

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