Golf Driver basics

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Scott Mackenzie says:

I have been hitting mine square on for years and tbh I hit it straight very consistently

Daryl Girodo says:

Should rather have a Titleist Pro v1 ball there 🤔

Nate Halstead says:

The faster you swing, the higher the toe up. The shaft flexes downwards during the swing as the club head tries to draw a straight line from your shoulders to your hands/wrists to the club head. Toe up. Grip it and rip it.

Michael macquarrie says:

Mo norman was flat Because he was at full extension at address. And he it straighter than ANYONE!

Rob Beers says:

Everything I've read and everyone I've talked to said hover the driver. Creates feel of the club and core tension for longer drives.

Lyle Warren says:

Why is this?

WaxOnWaxOff says:

Fixed my driver about 2 years ago. Had a nasty slice. Watched countless videos and ended up figuring it out by myself. Now whenever I see these kind of videos all I can do is think about the others searching for the cure and I feel bad for them😂

The Albino Rhino says:

When you're looking at your driver, the toe can sit a little high at address. Remember two things: First, your hand position at impact will probably be different from address, and that will change the clubhead position. Also, centrifugal force will tend to make the toe "droop" just a little during the forward swing, so even if your hand position doesn't change, the clubhead will be just a little flatter at impact. Since you don't have a ast enough camera to see what's really happening, do as GolfSpy Meyer suggests, and make your adjustments based on your ball flight.

Greg Podrasky says:

So at impact is it still tow slightly up?

Tom Foolery says:

I disagree, but I do suck. My R7 and my Stealth sit nice a level. I smack the shit out of both of them. My RBZ and my SIM2 sat toe up. I couldn’t hit either one of those clubs to save my life. I think it’s where you’re comfortable. My uncle is like me, but my cousins all like the toe up.

Ryan L. Anderson says:

Why don’t they make the clubs sit at it’s designed angle? Make it easy for golfers to figure this crap out.

Mike Souders says:

Thank you sooo much, getting back into golf after only playing par3 courses growing up.

One question though, how should the driver sit as you're looking down on it, should it lean back or should the club face be vertical?

I need help so badly 😢

Christopher Williams says:

That is my problem

djp411 says:

Every club is supposed to have the toe in the air slightly. The swing physics will flatten the clubhead at impact. If it starts flat, it will dig in the toe. Same with irons.

Isaiah Dawson says:

What about irons?

Bob Pegram says:

I disagree. Here is why: I put the head flat on the gound so it aims in the same direction every time when I grip it. It makes me hit is straight more consistently.

MP5689 45 says:

this ain’t gonna save you’re shitty golf swing 😂

The DoorDash Dude says:

Id gargle crossfields taint

Luke Morter says:

Always wondered this same thing

NFiltr8Red says:

Different strokes for different folks, everyone has their own way of scrambling an egg. If the end results are good, keep it up. If you can’t, try something new. Golf is a gimmicky sport, don’t buy into everything you see or hear. I only play with 4 clubs. And I can do pretty much anything you can do if not better.

Andrew Brodie says:

Whaaaat????? OK, maybe the driver might be coming out of the garage and down the range for some practice!

Mark says:

This helped my driving instantly! Thanks for great advice, would you apply this to woods and hybrids as well?

Dominic Durso says:

Thanks .. I been wondering this fir a good few weeks 👍👍👍

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