The Big Mistake 95% of Golfers Keep Making with Driver

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Nanum says:

Thank you for your lesson

Louie Verzosa says:

Thanks for the subscriber here. I’ll try that today…

MrSmashmouth07 says:

this video was a waste of time this guy didn't say nothing and show even less demonstrate more talk less and stop making the golf swing complicated damb

moojersey3 says:

Video had nothing to do with the thumbnail… I hate that

D C says:

Click bait. Misleading thumb nail. Pisses me off enough to not tune in to future channel videos. Honesty goes a long way in video engagement

doublehd says:

Great explanation. I can hit my irons pretty far and straight but my driver is a disaster. The angles never felt right to me. Looking forward to giving this a try.

DUB Traders says:

Interesting. I think I get it… Let me hit a few and I'll be back. Thx.

Paul Harrison says:

Why do your opening images have nothing to do with your video?

smittyondadeck79 whodat79 says:

Another bullshit video. 95% of YouTube golf coaches don't know anything about golf.

Anggie Harygustia says:

you're genius

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