GOLF: How The Right Arm Works In The Golf Swing

How The Right Arm Works In The Golf Swing

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There is a LOT of information in this video just on the right arm. But, basically we’ve got four main parts:

*How much should the right arm bend or not in the golf swing?

*What sort of arm rotation should you have?

*What should your risk conditions look like?

*And then internal, external rotation of your trail shoulder.

This is like a masterclass on right arm and it's information based for you guys to be able to understand what you're doing in your swing and be able to correct it.

The first function of the right arm that I want to talk about is how bent or how straight it is. At the top of the swing, we want the right arm to be bent more or less 90 degrees. As I start my downswing, I'm going to maintain 90 or even increase the length to about 120 at first parallel. Then I’m going to maintain 120 or increase the length of it to about 150 degrees.

How bent my right arm is going to be at impact will depend a lot on body bends. The closer my body is to the ground through forward flexion or right-side bend, the more bent my right arm is going to be. The farther my body is a way from the ground, the longer the right arm is going to be. Typically, the right arm of good ball strikers is more bent.

The next thing is amount of rotation. So, how much supination (palm up) or pronation (palm down) or simply rotation. I'm more palm-up – or supinated- early and then palm down – pronated – later into the follow through

The third part of the right arm is wrist conditions. Am I in a flexed or extended position? If I'm normal at the top, I'm in a little bit of an extended or bent back position. if you've watched our previous videos, you know that I like to keep that bent back and maintain extension all the way to and past impact. I would want you to feel like you maintain that all the way at – or past- impact to get shaft lean and dynamic loft.

The last portion of this is internal and external rotation. I covered that in this previous video. So, you can get a lot more detail there.

This is like a masterclass on right arm and its information for you guys to be able to understand what you're doing in your swing and to be able to correct it.

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13 thoughts on “GOLF: How The Right Arm Works In The Golf Swing

  1. Eric for someone like myself who has a history of pulling the butt end of the club for power and get dumb under, would a plam down feel help with being more on plane ?

  2. This is a good point. I am struggling to sync the right-hand movement to match up with the position at impact. In another video you had talked about the bend in the legs (like what GG Swingtips) talks about. I am not able to sync the two of those movements.

  3. Excellent instruction! Forgive me if I seem to be stepping on your toes mentioning another instructor on your site, but what I learn from you confirms what I've learned from Bradley Hughes GolfAus. Your description of the motions of the right arm are exactly what I learned to do from Bradley. The drills he uses with an impact bag imprint the proper motions into my swing. Thanks for such clear and concise information! Dave

  4. I’ve struggled so much with hip depth and covering the ball into impact. Consequently, I lose the angle in my right arm (its probably in the 150-180 neighborhood) by the time I get to impact.

    My question is, is it the chicken or the egg? Am I not getting right side bend/front side bend because of my arms extension OR is my arm extending as a result of not getting right side bend/front side bend?? (All resulting in a loss of hip depth and hump the goat move)

    (Actually have a swing video from yesterday posted on my channel if my description doesn’t make sense)

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