GOLF: How To Hit A Draw

How To Hit A Draw In Golf

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The most important thing about how to hit a draw is understanding what creates it, and the most important part of that is the club face to path relationship. If I want to curve the ball (as a right-handed golfer) from right to left, that beautiful ball flight we all like to see, I must have my club face closed to my path.

When talking clubface and face-to-path relationship, the most important place to start is the grip. If I want to have my face closed to the path, I can't or probably don't want to have an overly weak grip. The weaker my grip is, the more inclined I am to have my clubface too far open and the golf ball is not going to draw.

The second part is during the backswing. We want to keep the clubface more square throughout the backswing when hitting a draw. There are a couple of key checkpoints for that. During the takeaway position, if this club face gets rolled way up towards the sky, toe up, back of your left hand towards the sky, that would be more open than I would prefer to hit a draw. I'd like it to be neutral or slightly tilted down.

It’s the same thing at the top of the swing. I just want to check the clubface. I want to make sure that my left wrist is somewhat flattish and my club face is somewhat square.

From the top of my swing, as I come down, the more I can get that clubface tilted down towards the ground, exaggerating a little bit, that’s my club face being square or closed to my path the entire time. What we need to avoid from the top if we want to draw it is a clubface that's overly open. If the club face is drastically open, you’ve got almost no chance of hitting the draw – mostly because when your brain sees this, you’re going to be over the top.

During the downswing, I still want to feel like that the clubface is pointing down when I come through to right. That's not over rotating the face. There's absolutely nothing wrong with rotating your forearms a lot during the follow through.

To hit a draw, you do need to do the path stuff, but if you don't have the face under control, you're probably not going to do the path stuff anyway – so face first!

If you're going to learn how to hit a draw, especially if you're someone who slices it, you probably want to hook some golf balls. So what I would do here is for this part first I'll just take a normal setup, make sure my grip is good, get my face tilted down and start to tilt and really rotated in the follow through. And I'm trying to kind of curve a couple of balls left on purpose. Get the ball going left. It's okay if it goes way left in the beginning.

Now I need to start getting my path to the right. How do I do that? You definitely want to take a good look at the practice station I demonstrate in this video. The general idea here is I want the club head during the downswing to approach the ball from inside then swinging out to the right.

If you look at a really good golf swing, in reality, I want the club head to work like a little circle around my body. It works into the ball, hits the ball, and we're back inside on the follow through. It works in on both sides. But if you're learning how to get your path to the right, especially if you're over the top, we're not doing that. We need to over-exaggerate. Go as far out to the right as you can go in the beginning. I'm talking drastic here. Way Inside, way to the right, especially if you're over the top.


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22 thoughts on “GOLF: How To Hit A Draw

  1. Hi Eric. Can you tell me the name of that magnet alignment aid ? Very cool. I want the one with the yellow golf ball on it. Aaron e CA high school golf coach

  2. Chicken & egg scenario for slicers , do they come over the top because the club face is open ?
    Or do they open the club face because they come OTT ?

  3. This video and drill is by far my favorite and clearest to follow. Changed my hole game.Note from a high handicapper; if you stick at this it totally works, do the hooking first I had so much fun hooking.but it does mean putting some work in, it didn't happen over night but was the best thing I did for my game stick at it….I now have a straight path but still to this day do this station as a warm up and just to continue the feelingsGreat job Eric/Mary keep up the good work

  4. Eric,

    It appears to me that flattening the shaft in transition makes the face seem open. Is it a matter of flattening the shaft while at the same time bowing the left wrist to turn the face more towards the ball?

  5. Eric this is a great video among many that you have done.With out a doubt you have fine communication skills as a teacher.Thanks for all the work that you have put into this.Terry Bueter

  6. Great stuff Eric. 20 years ago I played conditionally on European Senior Tour. Reaching 70 obviously has its challenges in golf. Clubhead speed being the biggest. Anyway, I think your videos are extremely helpful to me, and hope that others are getting as much out of this instruction. Thanks

  7. Eric. I must say this. U have a gift when speaking. U get right to the point and answer questions that linger in the head of one that is being spoken to. For instance, u started this video off with excellence. "1st of all we need to see what causes a draw." At the point I was able to lower my cognitive mental defenses and listen. Lol, I just matched some fancy words together, hence y I'm not a teacher. Thanks, now I have to rewind the video and listen. Thanks my new best friend.

  8. Is this meant to be a training concept video to get the idea of the relationship between path and face for a draw across? Is this how you do your actual shots, or do you use the same swing path relative to your stance for all your shots and angle your stance to the right when you want a draw? Doesn't the ball always start off where the face is pointing?

  9. Excellent demo for how to close the club face to the path. Question…how does this apply to the driver, since one's best launch necessitates hitting up on the driver?

  10. This is a WOW video! I used the don’t hit the alignment stick stuck in the ball basket tip. Didn’t think about anything but not hitting the stick. Result was a beautiful 10 yard draw. I only hit the stick once on the way down. Great tip! Thanks much!

  11. Great video. I'm 71 and all my life I've tried to hit draws. I'm convinced I swing "over the top". Why is it that when I try to swing extremely to the right, I shank about 50% of the time? And even for the other 50% that I don't shank, I still don't get draws The only way I've been able to hit a right-to-left shot is by taking a ridiculously strong grip then "smothering" the ball but there's no way I can control that shot often hitting a shot that travels left into the ground.

  12. Could you do a video on correct hand path with irons please Eric? My problem is when i try to attack the ball from the inside, i hit a lot of fat shots. Many thanks.

  13. Great video. Took it to the range last night and got some good results, felt like if I fired the back of my glove to face the ball as much as possible it produced a really nice penetrating draw (I'm typically a fader of the ball) of course only worked if i rotated the hips enough otherwise i pulled it way left

  14. Awesome Eric great teaching. Have learned a great deal from your videos, so easy to understand. I’m still struggling with hitting fat or thinning shots, do you have any videos on that. Keep up the good work. I’m here in the Charlotte NC area would like to see you down here someday. Thanks

  15. Awesome Awesome!! Eric wish could come see you in person. Love your channel. I've shared your channel with a few of my friends. Great video. I watch you every day. Keep up the great work.

  16. I couldn’t understand why I toe hooked everything until I got the club to exit left .. but the squares get the face from top makes me feel like I back have the ball

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