GOLF: LESS EFFORT = MORE DISTANCE! | Keep Your Head Back For Distance In The Golf Swing

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12 thoughts on “GOLF: LESS EFFORT = MORE DISTANCE! | Keep Your Head Back For Distance In The Golf Swing

  1. What is your opinion on hovering the golf club at address for irons and driver? Should it be touching the ground or elevated? I've always rested my club on the ground behind the ball but it seems like the best thing to do would be to slightly hover to simulate the contact position and ball first contact.

  2. The more I try to hit up on the ball the more the ball tends to spin. Can this be result of staying too far back on follow thru (lack of weight shift)?

  3. You said do not push your hips forward, so it's not spine tilt but side bend. The other school of thought is bump the hips forward to angle the hips creating spine tilt with no side bend. What are the pros and cons of each? Do they fit different swing patterns?

  4. Just what I’ve been doing recently. Always struggled with weight shift to the left and have been finding my upper body has moved too far forward leading to inconsistent strikes. Thanks Eric.

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