Golf Lesson Blocking and Hooking

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Golf Lesson Blocking and Hooking with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. More swing fixes coming via Marks golf app this time talking club paths from in to out and how they can create blocks and pushes. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield's easy to understand golf tips, drills and fun videos.

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burtonsb145 says:

sometime you wonder why you get paid lols…..mark ill take a free lesson
with you then if they are up for grabs ­čÖé – you should do giveaways on your
channel thinking about it – engage the subs etc´╗┐

vivan badhwar says:

16th to like the comment awesome. And interesting video (as usual)´╗┐

Chris I says:

Good stuff, as another golf instructor says, “keep doing what you’re doing
and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting”, IOW, Want to change whats
happening? Do something different! ­čÖé ´╗┐

Digby Howis says:

looks like it draws´╗┐

James Tupper says:

Just wanted to leave a comment saying that this is exactly what I had to
work on with my instructor and he used the exact same technique to get me
swinging straighter. After I actually saw proof of how far I was swinging
to the inside, he drew a line on the ground that was pointed about 5-10
degrees left and told me to make the same swing, but swing on that line. I
still ended up hitting a little push draw. One thing to note is that for
me, I would start swinging more from the inside as I got fatigued. So now,
as the day goes on and I feel myself getting tired, I need to make a
conscious effort to “swing more left”. Great video – reassurance that I’m
on the right track!´╗┐

TrailTrackers says:

This is the exact same thing I was just working on with my son. He was
swinging to the right on average 7.5┬░ according to the GC2+HMT. He was
still hitting target, but the ball shape looked more like he was hooking it
back to target. In order to get more distance, I asked him to “feel” like
he was swinging more left. I told him it would “feel” like he was swinging
way, way over the top like he was chopping wood with a axe. Low and behold,
he started swinging right around 1┬░ to .5┬░ to the right, just like that.
And his shot shape looked like a baby draw; gained him 20 yds. (computed)

Those “numbers” on the LM really do help a person — even a child — to
quickly quantify what is happening at the moment of impact. Without those
numbers to go by, it may take days or weeks to get positive results; and
then a person never really can be sure.

Here’s an analogy that should help anybody who is against LMs as a matter
of principle:
Take 10, 12′ 2×4’s and cut them to lengths of 1′, 2′, 3′, etc., but you
don’t get to use a tape measure or pencil to measure and mark the lumber.
You can use as many 2×4’s as you need to get the job done, but I’m only
going to provide you with 10 giant sets of calipers that are set to the
respective lengths; you only get to cut each board once. Have fun and, oh,
here’s also a bottle of anti-anxiety pills to help you with the stress.´╗┐

Ian Simcox says:

This applies to me. Had a lesson this year where the pro told me to feel
like I was hitting a cut shot. I did that and it straightened me right out.
Probably due to a poor self-diagnosis- the ball was going right which I
attributed to a slice rather than a block, so I try to swing more inside
and end up in a worse state.

Sometimes it’s just seeing the numbers that the student needs. They can fix
it themselves, once they realise what the actual problem is.´╗┐

Evan Johnson says:

Exactly what i suffered from last couple of months. exaggerate a swing to
the left and notice my divot still faces right of target slightly. Seems to
me this is exactly what Tiger fears right now when you see him in his
practice swings with a very exaggerated leftward swing´╗┐

matsui189 says:

Looks to me like that guy needs to swing that much right in order to not
hit a huge slice. If that path was zero with an unchanged face, that ball
is gone.´╗┐

Kyle Truax says:

I have played golf for the past 18 years, and this swing was me up until
about two seasons ago. I tried several useless “fixes” like grip and
equipment changes, stance adjustments, etc. Until I learned about ball
flight laws and swing direction did I really start to see changes in my
game. Keep up the good work Mark! Love the videos. Free lesson…..yes

daniel walters says:

very helpful.´╗┐

Danielsan says:

Love this video…. I do hit sweet spot very often, but the ball goes
straight left or goes left with a little fade (lefthanded). I know I take
the club inside… But maybe to much inside. I have always felt that I
could not control the clubface….Hope this is the solution and that
actually this is the problem, which means I may have really good clubface
control . My ironplay is really great… But the most important shot from
tee is a push/ push fade (left-handed player).´╗┐

paul hutchinson says:

Love this as might be me… Right fades 30 yds off line… Draw perfection
… Or closed face left pull…. Aim left might sort me… Would love
lesson As I live on Spain/Portugal border… Next time you are out if can
slot in 1 hour lesson any time place… Let me know I will come just to
meet expert… Can send iPad video. prior… Keep up awesome knowledge… I
play off 7 would love challenge with Mark, Lockey & Rory.. After lesson….

vivan badhwar says:

Sorry Like the video´╗┐

burtonsb145 says:


liam f says:

If he moved the ball forward his club face would be a bit more closed
…….. then he would be hitting straight´╗┐

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