Golf Preshot Routine: Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA Pro
Watch as Herman Williams, PGA Professional Golf Instructor in North Carolina, leads you through the golf preshot routine for setting up to a golf shot. This is Part 2 following up to Herman's video on How to Setup for a Golf Swing. In this sequence Herman shows proper clubface aiming technique, how to walk into the golf shot at the golf course, and how to place the clubhead and feet accurately every time.

7 thoughts on “Golf Preshot Routine: Golf Lesson by Herman Williams, PGA Pro

  1. @imsuprised Definitely – that’s exactly the type of thing you have to allow
    for in the “personal preferences” category, and it’s the main reason you
    guys have to know your individual “style tendencies” as you apply the
    principles of our videos. We all want to get to the same place but we’ll
    look a little different, feel a little different as we do it. Great
    comments – should help our golf community. – Herman

  2. I noticed when you put your right foot straight down to square up, and that
    a couple of seconds later you toed out with that same foot. My question
    is…did you accidentally toe out or is there something to this right foot
    going down straight forward?

  3. @imsuprised Once you are “squared up” to target line so you know the shaft
    & clubface are good and body lines are parallel to target line, then you
    can afford to customize or allow for personal preference in things like
    foot angles. Most people will have better balance, comfort & freedom of
    movement with slight flaring of each foot. Ben Hogan wanted the right foot
    dead square but it’s not mandatory to play great golf. Basically our setup
    system gives a frame of reference to start from. Thanks.

  4. @imsuprised Try to visualize the setup as parallel lines for shoulders,
    feet, knees, etc on railroad tracks. Your body is the inner rail, ball and
    target line are the outer rail. But the golf shaft, leading edge of
    clubface and right foot are at 90 degree angles to the tracks. We use the
    term “square” as in “T-square” to try and create that relationship. To
    setup walk down the target line track then turn to “square up” to it as you
    place the feet and shaft in position. Hope this helped. – Herman

  5. okay, I watched the rest of the video and noticed you did the same thing
    from another angle; so now I know it wasn’t an accident. What do you mean
    you are squaring up to the ball? I understand squaring up with your
    shoulders. By the way, I really like this whole process from beginning to
    end; I’m just kind of stuck on this right foot down thing as you walk down
    your target line towards the ball.

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