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Michael Thompson says:

Nothing new. These concepts for swinging a club have been used for a 100 years.

J2 Martnz says:

Golf lessons for years and still shit….perhaps he never actually put in the WORK to get better? A golf instructor isn't a miracle cure to instant improvement. You have to apply what you're taught and stick with it. Are there shit instructors? Yeah there are..there a lot of great ones too. Question? How does your instruction actually apply out on the course , as far as your students learning how to score on the course and not just hitting shots on the range

Andrew Robinson says:

Took my son to the range today. We watched one of your videos beforehand and we tried to have a go. My son has autism. He did really well to begin with but kind of lost it towards the middle part of his session. Would love to get a lesson with you for the 2 of us. Let me know if this is possible. In the meantime keep posting and giving us shit golfers hope.

Johnny Fiver says:

All your instruction amounted to was 'fluff'….great shot….your pured it…good strike…certainly not worth what you charge…what a ripoff

njamesthomasl says:

Pretty sure you copied that no look swing drill

Daniel Coleman says:

Mate, I would give £100 right now if you can sort my shit out… can you sort a video lesson?

justlovethisgame says:

When are you coming to Mali, I'm based in Timbuktu, would love you to introduce this unique system of yours into the African culture, we have plenty enthusiasm but not a lot of money, perhaps we can exchange a few chickens and some goats-milk for a few of your lessons.

Dean Godwin says:

Can't fecking wait for you to get me hitting balls like this next week mate…… See you in sunny Essex…. Dean

That was SAVAGE says:

Many coaches are just after cash,
Stick to basic fundamentals….
An give this dream up pal..
No one will pay £100 an hour

John Lo says:

I strongly recommend you go work in a massage parlour if you work hard maybe you get tips afterwards

John Lo says:

First of all shave you ugly mf! Then you need to dish out £100.00 to your clients for being such a retard! Go serve it up

Simon GREEN says:

Mate, i haven't had that feeling of free swing since i pured a 6 iron into a hole at Denton golf club 5 years ago!! Been to the range today, massive grin on my face, being able to look at the ball and still create that loose relaxed feeling using the feet to get things going, I'll be back to low single figure golf next year again, thanks for posting and all ur vids, good look with everything ? ur a funny c@@t too, so well done ???

Mus Deb says:

The guy who is having a lesson at his age and with That swing…is delusional…he should spend more time on the putting green… and. have fun..

Allan De Vera says:

Scammer again?..all shit

TedderWhoride says:

Forget London brother. Come out here to America. You are a godsend, and I would hire you without hesitation.

3 Putt Pete says:

Most golf instructors don't have a clue what they are talking about… what's one more?

Joe Smith says:

His swing plane went from over the top to an inside move in a few swings. Good work.

Ageing Golfer player says:

Hi Robin
Iv just finished watching your lesson and I will be trying it out if it works for me it defo will work for anyone..keep up the good work mate.

Kyle Mathewson says:

Will have to try this when I get home. I have been struggling of late and just thinking to much

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