GOLF: My Best Drill To Increase Hip Rotation

My Best Drill To Increase Hip Rotation

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I've seen this drill done many times, but I wanted to present it to you guys in case you hadn't seen it and to also put my spin on it.

I’ve got four alignment rods or aim sticks. The first stick is going to go through my front belt loops. I want to set it up so that all of the stick is on the left side of my body for this drill. The right edge of the stick is going to be to be even with my right hip.

The other three sticks are set up on the ground to give you feedback for the drill and for how to increase rotation and how much you should have.

If I take my normal setup, I put one stick on the ground, just to reference my aim. The middle stick that you'll see is about one clubhead width or length in front of my foot. The other two sticks are positioned at a 45-degree angle on either side of that middle stick.

if you look at good players, during the backswing they have roughly 45 degrees of hip turn. So, if I do this right and lay the sticks down from my visual, when I make a backswing, turn the stick in my belt loops will be a mirror image of the stick on the ground. So, when I look down from my view, that is on that stick or directly parallel to it. So, I know that I have about 45 degrees of hip turn when I go back.

Now most of you guys probably aren't as concerned about the hip turn during the backswing. You probably want to see the hip turn during the downswing, and that's the beauty of the second stick. By the time I get down to impact, I'd like to see that my hips are somewhere between 30 to 45 degrees open to the target.

You can actually start hitting balls with this and give yourself feedback for where you go. In the beginning give yourself a couple rehearsals, get the stick in your belt loops over the stick behind you to get the feeling that by the time you get down to impact, you are about 45 degrees open.

It would be nice to add a little feedback to this in the form of a video so you can actually see what you are doing, but the sticks and this drill will be a good check point.

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19 thoughts on “GOLF: My Best Drill To Increase Hip Rotation

  1. I have always had the bad habit of starting my downswing with my hands rather than opening the hips as you do here in the video. Do have any tips regarding the timing/sequencing so that I can start the alignment rod opening up before my hands? On the downswing would you recommending looking at the rod as a visual cue to intiate the circular rotation to prevent the hands from starting the downswing? Or is there a feeling cue?

  2. Used this drill and it improved my swing greatly. I still may not turn back as far , but the follow through is better, and I stay balanced and not falling back. Ball contact is getting better. Thank you.

  3. Eric ..this is a great design and demo. Do you think pull hooks can happen if on the downswing the hips are not open? And one comes over the top?

  4. Eric.
    Another great video.
    I use a small "Bungie" strap with hooks on each end around the waist with the rod when practicing with out belt loops in my warm up pants.

  5. Like the use of alignment sticks. Whenever I go to the range I'm usually the only guy out of about 75 who use them. Cheap no-brainer. Those and a mirror.

  6. Great video- not related so much to hip rotation, but I'd like your thoughts on the concept of secondary spine tilt. Even though it's often stressed, when I look at videos of your swing and other pros, if anything the top of the backswing, the spine seems to be slightly leaning forward with a centered turn.

  7. I think this is great. The only caveat I’d add is possibly letting folks know the danger of overdoing this to the point that one remains in a forward bend post-impact.

  8. He was probably not even a twinkle n his fathers teenage eye Perry! ?? Another fantastic video….just love this guy! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  9. Hi Eric….. Would it be possible to have a stick stood vertically placed level with the downswing stick so that at impact the waist rod will hit the vertical stick….hopefully simultaneously,,,,,just a thought….thx for the great vids.

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