GOLF Perfect Release!! – The Modern Golf Swing! – Golf Technique Slow Motion

Golf Swing The Perfect Release! – Improve Your Lag and compression and direction with this Evidence Based Video!

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16 thoughts on “GOLF Perfect Release!! – The Modern Golf Swing! – Golf Technique Slow Motion

  1. I know this is an old video but I’ve been working on release and came across this and had a question. Do these pros forearms touch during the release? It’s so hard to tell from video and I’m sure it’s not a conscious effort but I’m curious at the rate they swing and as hard as they release if it’s actually happening.

  2. I think Tommy Fleetwood would be the best model for amateurs to try to emulate – body pivot and straighter arms. Although he says he doesn't do much wrist/arm action his actions will have been baked in by years of play, so he does use his wrists like this. But also note that all pros have a degree of sidebend on backswing and downswing, whereas most amateurs do not, and that is one of the main reasons imho that they can slot it whilst amateurs go OTT in the transition. So tilt that left shoulder down at the ball in the backswing…

  3. Great video! Still trying to sort out the releases. So is there a more radial/ulnar(with minimal lead wrist extension) release? Then is there a slap/hinge where it's flexion/extension(minimal radial/ulnar)?

  4. For years the teaching was to rotate the wrists…..leading wrist supinate, back wrist pronate……now with slow motion video you can see that leading wrist is in flexión ( bow) and back wrist going from extension to flexión and some or minimal rotation after impact….all this year the teaching has been wrong or not the best to be consistent

  5. What do you think allows the club to accelerate past the hands to get to that more vertical club position (butt pointed towards the ground) post impact?

    There are some instructional videos online that mention slowing the hands at the 4 o'clock position, and Mike Austin method advocates actively extending the lead wrist (left wrist for right handed players). The former sounds like it would allow the club to naturally square, while the latter seems it could help generate more force with some added timing required.

  6. You are so right about Luke Donald. I followed him for most of his round at Riviera a few years back. His iron play was the best I have ever seen, plus, he was putting out of his mind that day. The sound of his irons hitting the ball was just different.

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