Golf Shot Game Pitching Lesson

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Dreama40 says:

Guys/girls if your looking for tips on how to chip and pitch well go
straight to Brad Faxon’s 7 part video lessons(youtube), he explains the
methods well and you will improve, after watching that go to Paul Azingers
golf tips on pitching!, YOUR SHORT GAME WILL IMPROVE. Sorry but what Mark
is teaching here is old school methods, there are better ways to pitch more
consistently as you will see, trust me you’ll improve, now go check out the
lessons and good luck.

Paul Williamson says:

quality ..would love a golfing holiday down your way and some

Graham Rabon says:

This is one way to hit a pitch shot, but certainly not the best if you’re
looking to get any spin. If you’re not careful, this method actually leads
you into hitting fat pitches too. To correct it, you’ll have a tendency to
put the ball further and further back in your stance, only to lose more
spin, which defeats your control of this shot.

ABshookme says:

After watching this lesson and tried it out, I must say, it works better
for me than the 3 other ways that I else know of. Makes it sooo easy.

cclarsen72 says:

Should explain how to perform a high pitch by using the bounce instead of
the leading edge. This method tends to lead to chunks. 

Graham Rabon says:

You’re better off keeping the ball either at center or slightly ahead of
center. Your backswing should have a slight amount of wrist cock that is
held and you come through the ball with very little hand movement. Turn
fairly aggressively with your hips and you should face the target and
direct your hands at the target in the finish.

Jake Forsythe says:

great lesson! Grab a club and swing while the lesson is going on! It

brendan kelly says:

this was my down fall mark short game not any more keep thinking of that
laser on the shaft works greeeeeeeat thanks

Jake Sorrells says:


Borja Aguirre says:

great video!!

Tyler Orr says:

watch my new video

Paul Young says:

Very helpful helped my game this morning. Need more videos on approach play

Steve Saleh says:

Great video

Lance Flanagan says:

Agree with this totally. I’m guilty of trying to do the clubs work for it.
My shortgame is terrible as a result

TweezyTarantino says:

Very helpful video

brownybod says:

Hi, I am one of the small percentage of players using the “cack-handed”
grip ( left below right) does any of your advice apply to me ? or do I need
“Divine intervention”.

308Rentyn says:

Great video. I’d definitely like to see you take on more videos on all
different aspects of the game. Well done.

RANCHES1000 says:

Great thanks. My game really improves when I can, at length, watch a pro
repeatedly performing the shot I’m trying to improve. Can you recommend
videos that do this?

Zulfadhli Rahman says:

really good advice on pitching..

Vic Guha says:

great video as usual mark. What wedges, woods and putter do u have?

Sword ofDobar says:

Great video Mark and as always very very helpful. I’ve been taking lessons
that have had me flipping it to use the bounce so this has got me back to
basics. One question I’d love you to consider for a future video is how
many wedges and which lofts/bounces to put in the bag. I’ve got a 46 degree
PW and 3 more wedges and end up confused over which one to use. If you
could touch upon this in a future video that would be great. Thanks again
for all the videos!

browning325gun says:

Your video really gives me the understanding and feel of a pitch
shot…well done!

ZeroSumJ1 says:

Beautiful ball striking. I’m jealous.

rmoakley16 says:

Mark, big big fan of your videos – they take up a lot of my ‘favourites’ on
youtube! Thanks a lot your certainly helping me out and no doubt many other
other golfers out there.

robert lewis says:

This golf video contradicts every thing that you say: How to Pitch the Ball
by PeakPreformanceGolf. I am so confused… I think that i should listen to
you, but am still confused on how to hit a pitch shot

odyssey3110 says:

cheers man, nice vids, keep them going

Brendan Brown says:

Cant wait to get on the range and practice this drill. Just what my game is
lacking. Cheers Mark

JuanKing73 says:

great video tutorials. However my missus, peeking over my shoulder did ask
“is that Timmy Mallet”…sorry Mark…

tomtresco says:

What a natural you are Mark, if I come to Devon will you give me a lesson
?…..with discount lol

climbr7 says:

listen to mark crossfield. the other technique works too, but I don’t think
it is the way most pros do it

Craig R says:

Great video as always Mark. Excellent channel, I’ve learned so much from
your channel so thank you very much! Just an idea…Could you do a video
talking about certain key points and stages in the swing, common errors you
see etc. a lot of errors occur in the set up so you could start from there?
I think we all get a bit lazy at times with set up and forgetful of key
swing points! Kindest regards to you, Craig.

Sihyun Yi says:

I want to learn golf from you personally! You are such an amazing teacher.

ashley zar says:

such good enthusiasm when giving advice love it……

Andrew Bowen says:

you top it because you don’t keep you posture mate 🙂

3rdgroove says:

Yeah, I think the shaft position left of the body and the backward ball
position are two quick remedies for people who don’t hit down on the ball.
If you make a crisp contact at the sweet spot you don’t have to use those
“crutches”. I even play the ball a bit forward to make it stop quicker.
I’ve seen pros take really nice divots even on 20 yard pitches that’s how
much down they strike it.

BBettridge97 says:

Mark, I seem to have a problem when I’m pitching, I put the ball back, but
when I do, I seem to top it every time, could you tell me why I do this

Robert Downs says:

Tried this at the weekend and lost 6 shots off my normal game, How I
nomally 8 iron bump and run as when I tried to pitch in the past I placed
the ball in the middle of my stance and thined it, destroying confidence in
using the club. Thanks for the tips Mark, have you ever thought of creating
a dedicated site?


I seem to hit a lot of my wedges fat or thin . Would that be because i’m
coming too much from the inside ? Like ur vids .

Mohit Midha says:

Very useful tips there. I’ve been bending my elbow instead of turning my
body for the backswing. That could well be what I’ve been getting wrong.
Can’t wait to try it out. Many thanks!

blokey678 says:

Great video & tips .

dhump33 says:

Thanks for the lesson Mark! This is a shot I rarely practice when I go to
the range but that will change after watching this video.

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