Golf Swing Lateral Motion: Pros vs Ams

In this video we look at the key differences in the way that pro’s and amateurs move the center of the torso and the center of the pelvis throughout the golf swing.

What we have found in our 3D research is that the classic “reverse k” set-up is not something the best players in the world employ. Also, for the professional, during the downswing, the torso remains on top of the pelvis (or even gets in front of the pelvis) until the hands reach around waist high. At this point the high level player pushes hard with the lead side which causes the pelvis to finally shift out in front of the torso.

We believe that over the years for golf instruction (for the sake of simplicity) has taken the static position of impact and tried to employ it in the swing via the reverse K set up and keeping the torso behind the pelvis during the entire motion. The problem with this is that it can cause a severe in-to-out swing direction and a reduction in ground force production as the player is not able to push as hard with his lead side late in the downswing (as it would cause him to topple over).
This has caused countless (better players especially) to struggle with hooking and pushing the ball.

Now we have all seen the chronic slicer who has benefitted from some “reverse k” feeling in their swing especially if they have the upper body well to the left of the pelvis at the top of the swing, but in this video series we are highlighting the lower handicapper amateur who is trying to take their game to the next level.

12 thoughts on “Golf Swing Lateral Motion: Pros vs Ams

  1. I have enjoyed a few of your video's. Knowing the positions and flow is so helpful…. Then, for me, the challenge becomes athletically loading (smoothly twisting the spring). Feeling the loading of the spring first in the lower abs, then chest, shoulders, arms, then both hands (club in 'triangle'), then smoothly firing the abs a bit. If i reverse everything smoothly it tends to work out. Since golf is not my first language (learned later in life), my pre-shot routine is a test backswings that load the , with a good shoulder turn and i feel my hands are in the right spot to deliver the golf club…. and then during the swing i try to replicate but focus on the precise loading, firing (including weight shift before the top of the backswing) of the lower abs. Curious for those where golf is also a second language, how do you think about loading and unloading the spring?

  2. Some of the greatest swings in the history if the game been lateral correct?
    Jack Nicklaus
    Payne Stewart
    Mickey Wright
    Colin Montgomery
    Johnny Miller
    Mike Austin

    Can definitely be used for power and control. Seemed like their dominant power source was lateral or a shift back and down.

  3. My name is Patrick Miller.

    I know that this have anything to do with this video. But I was wondering if you have a video that measures the distance of the hands at the top of the back swing from the swing center. And then the distance of the hands from the swing center at p. 5, and at impact.

    What I'm trying to figure out is. Once the hands reach the top of the back swing if that distance changes through impact

  4. Really interesting video. But how is the pros head so far left (when looking at him) to his centre chest? In fact looking closer the chest lines looks to be over to the right of the chest not centre. Some kind of optical illusion?

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