Golf Swing Shoulder Turn Drill GOLF BASICS

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Nick Ellison says:

Bro, ur so perfect 🀩

Tyler says:

Close your eyes and it could be derren brown

Peder Jensen says:

It is actually the hips should be turned to get this shoulder turn. Without hips you can not get such a big shoulder turn

BrightSchool says:

Might sound obvious but does this help improve flexibility and strength?

Kalman Yang says:

You’re not on the right swing plane. You opened club face and then became too flat. Not covering the path because of the conscious shoulder turn. Maybe should be telling people to do the same thing

nd nd says:

Turn that phone sideways if you posting to youtube ><

Joe Ryan says:

You need to bring the muppet squad up to Scotland!

Paul says:

I find best way to practice good shoulder turn is lifting wedge placing shaft on your right shoulder and then turning shoulders and extending the left arm. It also seems to help removing cupped left wrist at top of back swing.

peter aloisio says:

Should you go further with the turn or limit it to our flexibility?

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